Pre-Departure Thoughts

9 Sep

Well, in a few days, I leave for Strasbourg to meet my study abroad coordinator on the other side of the pond and all the other international students participating in exchange programs at Strasbourg this year. I’m very excited to finally be leaving and starting my school year there. I’m impatient to experience the world that is the University of Strasbourg.

I must say that I am very excited; while I’m still excited, part of me still feels somewhat anxious and scared to leave. It’s just a part of pre-departure jitters, nothing to worry about. As of this moment, I still can’t picture myself living my daily routine there, getting my groceries and going to class. It’s very new to me, and I think it will be a very interesting experience. It’s silly how easy people create their routines, wherever the location may be. It happens for all Purdue students, and yet Strasbourg students will be doing the same thing.

While I’m sad to be leaving behind my close friends and family, I know that I’ll create new ones and form bonds with more. Here’s to a brand new city, a brand new culture, and a brand new group of people to interact with and get to know!



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