7 Sep

I tried for quite some time to think of a super cool and witty title for this post, but there really is nothing more synonymous with Buenos Aires than tango, so I figured I would just let the word speak for itself.

Last Tuesday, after a three hour long line and much (impatient) waiting, the day finally arrived for the Tango Mundial Final, for which I, thanks to that super long line, had free tickets to see! Up until this point, I had not been lucky enough to have actually seen any tango. Two of my friends signed up for a class together, but I don’t have a partner, so I haven’t done that yet. And lots of people come across tango dancers in the streets on Sundays during the ferias (awesome fairs that all of the barrios have), but I hadn’t seen that yet, either! So, walking into the World Cup of Tango, to say that I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I mean, these weren’t just the best tango dancers in Bs. As. (which clearly houses the best of the best, but I digress), but in the entire world! Todo el mundo! That’s a lot of awesome tango dancers to go through, and we got to see the best 20 of those!

All I have to say about it was that it was amazing. I have always loved dance and wished that I was a dancer, and this event just heightened that sentiment. They were sexy and beautiful and sensual and sleek and just…..amazing. I tried to take photos, but my photography skills and the dark lighting ended up doing them no justice at all. I resorted to filling up my memory card with three far away videos of some of the dancers. Still no justice, but so freaking cool. Every one of the couples were fantastic and did some new and exciting thing that the others hadn’t. They flipped the girls around, did super fancy, fast footwork (say that three times fast?), and ended in some funky, awesome pose. It was seriously incredible. If anyone ever has the chance to be in Buenos Aires at this time of year, it is completely worth the three hours of your life to wait in line for the tickets. It has definitely been my favourite thing I’ve done in the city so far. And by a landslide.

And, to make the night even cooler, they were awarding some really famous tango dancer who is apparently the dancer you think of when you say “tango,” and she did a dance after they gave her the award! And she was awesome! It was such a great experience. In the end, a couple with a Japanese girl who were from Buenos Aires won the entire thing. A couple from Tokyo won third, though. And, for some reason that I’m still angry about, mine and all of my friends’ favourite couple (who were first out of the entire show) didn’t even place at all! And they gave first through fifth place! Que estupido!

Anyway, even though it put me even further behind on homework since it was the day after I got back from Mendoza, I absolutely loved the show. Now if I could just find a nice Argentine boy to teach me tango….


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