24 Aug

August 20, 2010

Hi, I’m Lynn, fifth-year senior in Japanese, East Asian Studies, and Linguistics, and I’m headed out for Nanzan University in Nagoya.  My plane leaves in TEN DAYS, which, at this point, has turned me into a nervous shivering wreck.  I’m mostly packed, I’ve got my visa, I’m setting up automatic payment on my bills, spending time with friends, and feeling absolutely less ready to go than ever.

I know, objectively, that study abroad is generally a very positive experience and that it will change my life and make me more qualified for the career I’d like to pursue, but right now I’m far too focussed on what I’m leaving behind and it’s preventing me from thinking good things about what I’m looking forward to.  Yes, I’ll miss my mom and my best friend, but really I’m most concerned about my hubby.  When I was picking Japanese as a major and planning my jet-setting executive life, my plans were too big to leave any room for a husband and a family, but plans change when you are surprised by meeting someone important.  And now that he’s being incredibly supportive and encouraging me to do the smart thing and go abroad for a year, I feel like I’m running off with the maid!  Japanese is pretty much the ONE aspect of my life Austin is not involved with at all.  But we talked about it, and what is one year apart when it will be good for our future and we have the rest of our lives to be together?

So, mostly I’m preparing myself for a pretty awful adjustment period, which everyone goes through.  Then I think life will return to normal, as it tends to do, once I develop a routine.  I am going to be doing lots of fun, new stuff after all!  I just have to make sure I stay involved in fun, new stuff instead of moping around, wishing I was home.  Looking forward to meeting the host family, since right now they’re only names and ages on paper.  Have a contact (she went to Purdue last year) that has offered to introduce me to her English- and linguistics-major friends, which will be a nice way to ease into the social scene.  The town my host family lives in, Ichinomiya, is also famous for aikido!  So I might join a couple of clubs.

Despite my mixed emotions on the matter, I’m about to set off for probably one of the more impactful experiences of life.  Yoshi!


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