Watching The Lion King… in Africa!

9 Aug

Sorry this one might be short but trust me if I could write a chapter book about everything I’ve done and experienced so far, I would! I’ll make sure to catch up on everything after the final test is over…

Yep the final is coming up on Tuesday already! That means lots of studying here in the next few days (maybe). That also means that our trip to the Serengeti is coming up soon after that! Hopefully complete with lions and leopards. Tarangire National Park was amazing and while we were there one of our professors took us to the place where he was doing research on his Tarangire Lion Project. Future job sight!

Yesterday was our non-program day, and we spent the most part of it on a 2.5 hour long hike… which I would’ve felt good about myself after completing it if I hadn’t been right behind one of our ascaris (guards) who wore sandals THE WHOLE HIKE. He has talent.

We also went to a Maasai boma, which was similar to the Iraqw boma, but I think I liked the Maasai one better. Plus they showed us how to make fire from something you can find in a cow pasture… any guesses? 

Today the Maasai mamas that we met yesterday at the boma came to our camp and taught us how to make bracelets, earrings, etc. from beads. It was definitely a great experience to get to work with people from a real Maasai tribe, even though we couldn’t really communicate since we still kind of suck at speaking Swahili. Well we’re getting better at it… They did tell us that we looked like experts making the beadwork though!

Gonna go watch The Lion King right now…!


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