9 Aug

My study abroad program is over, but I’m not quite done with France yet! Yesterday afternoon, I arrived in Paris and met up with my mom. I’m honestly impressed that my mom was not only able to make it from the airport to the hotel, but from the hotel to the train station to meet me. She doesn’t speak a word of French, and told me that she even forgot basic phrases like “Parlez-vous français?” and “Merci.” So, big kudos to her! Though, she said she got lost a bit, and told me how horrible and frustrating it was. Understandable, but oh man, it made me think of when I first arrived in France, when the trains were on STRIKE, and I had to go across the country. Yeah. That was terrible. At least everything turned out well in the end!

It’s funny that Arles and Paris are both in France, yet being in Paris feels so different. Arles is much smaller and easier to get around, easier to find things, then Paris is so big… It’s size is pretty intimidating! Fortunately, I already feel like a Paris Metro Jedi Master. Silly to think that was what I was most nervous about before I arrived. But yeah, it’s super easy. Maybe it’s because I’m already used to the Chicago El system. It’s not organized as neatly, with a central loop branching out around the city, but it’s still easy enough to use!

Today, I went to the Louvre with my mom! You know, you can read about it as much as you want, see it in movies, look at pictures, whatever, but you don’t really get the idea of how HUUUUUUGE the Louvre is until you actually go. I loved just looking at the exterior of the palace. Of course, I did go inside, and it was totally awesome. I’m sure when most of you think of the Louvre, the first thing you think of is the Mona Lisa, and all those other famous paintings and all that. But honestly, my favorite part of the museum was all the sculptures, especially the old Greek and Roman ones. I didn’t have much of an interest to see the Mona Lisa at all, but that’s because I knew how small the tableau is and how many people are constantly crowding around it. But, my mom insisted on going to see it, and it was just as I expected. Super-crowded and tiny. I almost made it around the whole palace. ALMOST! They say the Louvre is so big, it’s impossible to see every work of art, even if you’re there straight from open to close. I don’t claim that I saw every work of art. Going around the entire palace definitely does not mean that you saw every work of art, haha. But honestly, I really was rushing. But, because of that, I got really worn-down near the end, so there’s a little section or two that I missed, so we finished up, and here I am, back in the hotel, checking my messages and typing blogs.

There’s not really much to say, yet. My time in Paris has only just begun! I’ll definitely be back again to update you all with what I’m up to in Paris!


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