La Vida Porteña

9 Aug

Dios mío, where to start?

First and foremost, to anyone who may happen to stumble upon this and think to themselves “Would a trip to Argentina be a good idea?” I would like to direct you immediately to I have now been a porteña (which is what the locals are called and loosely translates to “someone from the port”) for exactly two weeks, and I have loved every minute of it. There are a million and one fun things to do in the city, there are even more amazing things to do in the country as a whole if you don’t mind a little traveling (which, as I’m sure I will confirm after I actually make it to my first trip, is well worth the time spent), and the people could not be nicer.

Yes, I did just say that the people in a city of 13 million are not rude. Like, at all. That, actually, has been the biggest surprise of all to me. I’ve been a military brat all my life, and I’ve lived abroad, and in case you have been living under a rock for the past, oh, 50 years, the US isn’t the most loved country in the world. So, with my experiences in Europe, I thought that for sure the people here would hate us, too. But, every time I open my mouth to a local, they are as nice as could be, helping with directions any time it is needed, or just asking about where I’m from and what I’m doing here. (And they do know right away that I’m from the States. Even if my horrible Spanish accent wouldn’t give it away, it seems all any of us need to do is walk into a place and people start speaking English to us. How do they just know?!)

To continue with the theme of the amazingly nice porteños, my familia is pretty awesome, too. I have a host mother and father, as well as two host sisters, a toy poodle, and two turtles. A complete family! Almost everyone that I know has just an older lady that they live with, so I was very excited to be able to see how family life works in Argentina. They live in a barrio (neighborhood!) called Recoleta, which is very pretty and definitely upper class (I saw it on House Hunters International before I came here and they said its the most exclusive barrio in the city). The famous Recoleta Cemetery, where Eva “Evita” Peron is buried, is just three blocks north of me! It is such an amazing place.

I have so much more left to say, but it is already midnight and my classes start tomorrow! However, I promise there will be more to come later this week, as I still have need to hit the topics of the amazing exchange rate, how difficult the collectivos are, and the beautiful, beautiful male species that all seem to reside in this city.

¡Buenas Noches!


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