Coming up: the Serengeti!

9 Aug


Time to play What Interesting Stuff Happened Today! Well let’s see, first thing in the morning about 6:30am we headed out to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Crater to see some amazing wildlife. Along the way we got to stand out in the freezing cold listening to Kissui lecture us about something we all weren’t sure of because the only thing we could hear was the wind. While at Ngorongoro we saw 2 cheetahs attempt to chase a baby wildebeest, they didn’t succeed but getting to see cheetahs run was the best. Next we had 2 huge lions walk right past our land cruiser, then go and mate in the bush. Hearing them roar was pretty cool. While stopped at a bathroom we had Vervet Monkeys raid our land cruiser (while we were in it) and take a bag of bread, then go and eat it while watching us. On the way out of Ngorongoro we had our land cruiser stall on a steep hill next to a huge drop off that went straight down into the Crater, and our driver proceeded to slowly back up while the car fishtailed and the brakes grinded and pretty much everyone in our car thought we were doomed but we made it eventually thanks to our skillful driver who was pretty much laughing at us the whole time because we were freaking out. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Lastly we went to Happy Days pub to end the day. WOW!

Today (Thursday) we had a field exercise where we walked through a village and questioned the people about wildlife-human conflicts, and how they felt about wildlife conservation. It was pretty interesting to see perspectives and how they related to what we are studying here. Some people answered that they support wildlife because it helps with tourism and gives people jobs, but others said they wouldn’t support it unless we found a way to stop it from destroying crops and killing cattle. One boma even had a goat who had been attacked by a hyena earlier in the day, and we told him we hoped his goat got better soon but then he told us if we came back later in the day we could eat goat meat with him so I’m guessing that goat was going to have bad luck the rest of the day too!

Tomorrow we’re heading to the Serengeti to do some hardcore camping and game drives/field lectures, just loaded the truck up! Also tonight I am MOD of the day which is the equivalent to student of the day, so I get to do Reflection, Announcements, and Presentation today after dinner, should be fun… be back in 5 days!


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