Almost done…

9 Aug

The past few days have been pretty eventful! Though, not always in a good way… But I don’t want to dwell on the negative, so I’ll just say that on Saturday, I didn’t get to see the Chateau d’If, like I had wanted. I’m going to try again Thursday, though!

Anyway, aside from that disappointment, there’s been tons of other fun stuff I DID do! In my history of immigration class, the professor had his musician friend visit us. The musician wasn’t an immigrant, but he played ethnic music and visited Africa. The instruments he showed us were SO cool! Many of them had double functions. For example, there was a hollowed-out dry gourd that people use for things such as water and rice. However, turn it over, and it makes a great drum! There was another one that looked like a bow, but he used the string to play a song. There were tons of little noise-making things he had as well, and many of them didn’t look like they would make any noise, let alone music, but every single one was an instrument. It’s amazing to think of the many ways people can use such simple items.

Then, Thursday we all went to Avignon again to watch plays. We each got to pick what we wanted to watch, and I saw Le Malade Imaginaire by Molière performed by one man and a bunch of puppets, which was really clever. There were some puppets that looked like part of the set, like pillows, but then… TA-DAA! It became a puppet! The second one I saw was Ubu Roi, which I guess is a parody of MacBeth. The way it was performed was very clever, but the actors spoke SO QUICKLY, I didn’t really understand much. Finally, I saw Le Revanche de MacBeth, which was the actually MacBeth story. It was more condensed, and not word-for-word Shakespeare-style, but I was actually able to understand what was going on and I really enjoyed it!

My class went on another trip Friday to Baux-de-Provence and the Pont du Gard! I can easily say that this was by far my favorite trip that I took with the class. Baux-en-Provence is a tiny town up in the mountains, built around a Medieval castle. At first, I was sad that I left my wallet on the bus, because there were SO MANY cool souvenirs I could have bought, but then again, it’s probably best I didn’t have my wallet with me at the time, because I don’t really need to be spending money on swords and crossbows that I would then need to figure out a way to ship back to the United States. Anyway, it was really neat to look around a real medieval castle! After that, we went to the Pont du Gard, which is an ancient Roman aqueduct. I didn’t get to see much there, because I spent most of my time swimming in the river. The water was SO COLD, but it was totally worth it. There was a small cliff where I swam with a group of other students. We climbed up the rocks and repeatedly flung ourselves off the ledge and into the water. One of the photography students walked over with his camera and took some GREAT pictures. I can’t wait to see them when he uploads them to the internet!

And now, it’s test-taking time. I can’t believe it’s already been five weeks! The time flew by really fast. At least I have one extra week in France after my program is over to enjoy Paris! I am definitely looking forward to that.


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