So Long Sydney.. It’s Been Real :-DDD

14 Jul

Well. It’s been real, Sydney, but I leave you now for your cousin, Newcastle. Haha. That was the dramatic wrap up of my last week in Sydney. And here’s the rest:

Monday I was back in the lab, running behavioral tests full throttle! I even got to help my post-doc with her presentation a bit, which she is presenting at a Neuroscience conference in Darwin this Saturday! I’m excited for her: I know she’ll rock it! Other than that, I spent the day finishing up some assignments and hanging out with my roomies in the evening. I was so happy to take a shower when I got home. Haha! I’m definitely spoiled when it comes to good hygeine.

Tuesday was my last day in the lab! Tearssssss! I’m going to miss everyone so much (and I already do haha!). I took pictures of all of my labmates that were in today (though my lab’s leader, Bernard Belleine wasn’t one of them, and I wasn’t able to get a picture of Vincent either [this crazy French guy haha]). I did score some pictures of the facilities for my scrapbook, but I super can’t post them online because animal rights activists can twist anything these days. Anyway, I got a picture of my post doc and I and a couple of other of my favorite labmates, and I will cherish them forever (or, at least til I come back, which I’m hoping is possible!). I was also able to talk to my bestie for a quickie during lunch as well, and it totally cured my homesickness (or at least curbed it significantly!). I love my friendsJ .

Afterwards, I went to class for like evaaaar and then went home and hung out with the roomies for the night. Lovely day, yet again!

Wednesday I slept IN until like 12pm haha! I rockJ . Then I ran errands alllll day. I started out heading into the University of Sydney to turn in my security card from the BMRI to get my deposit back. And then I headed over straight to Westfield to turn that deposit into a homestay gift for the Weedon family. I got them the second season of the Big Bang Theory hehe, half selfishly hoping they’ll watch it while I’m here too haha! But no, really. They all like it so much, and I wanted to get them something they all could enjoy on top of the other homestay gift, which is more of a sentiment than useful. Anyway, so then I printed my paper off for class and headed back to the apartment to drop my stuff off.

Then I headed over to the Opera House to wait 30 minutes for a friend that didn’t show (a silly misunderstanding), which was okay anyway, because I got to attend the Farewell CAPA dinner, which means freeeee dinner! It was way too much food, but I ate it all, quite happily, and even scored a free lunch box for Friday (a lovely bacon chicken salad entrée). It was fantastic! But no seriously, I ate wedges with sour cream, a lamb shish kebab with tons of peppers AND french fries on top of that. For lunch, I had had garlic noodles and I finished off the rest of my ice cream (about 600 calories worth, I’m sure) in between. Oh. And? I had a slice of rich chocolate cake for dessert. Yesh. I ate wayyyyyyyyy too much, but I blame the fact that it was free haha!

Pretty much it was lame. They handed out awards after dinner for everyone in the program, given out by the Student Council representatives. Yeah. They dubbed me “the most likely to be found on the side of the milk carton” because they didn’t know anything else about me and lacked creativity. Fun stuff.

Afterwards, I spent my last evening in Sydney watching “Pretty Woman” with the roomies.

Thursday was my last day in Sydney! I went to class and presented my paper and then scoffed down the leftover salad from yesterday right before I lugged all of my luggage halfway across Sydney (twas so hilarious!). I met these *adorable* older ladies that pointed out pretty much everything on the train up that we were passing by. Apparently there are these poles that they stick in lakes to attract oyster growth which they remove when they want to ship the oysters off to a local fish market. How cool is that? Anyway, it was really cool just soaking in all of their quirks and agreeableness haha!

When I got to the Weedons, we watched the entire first DVD of the second season of the Big Bang Theory. It continues to be fantastic. haha J

Friday I went ice skating with Kye’s little brother and mother. It was super fun just skating as fast I as possibly could. I fell down twice, but I blame a dent in the rink and this girl who unavoidably crossed my path haha :-DDD. I’ve got a good vestibular, to give me feedback on my hopelessly inept poise, but the feedback system is so strong that I’m quite good at keeping my balance in the end. Ya know, I just look funny doing it. 😛

When we got home, I noticed a bouquet of flowers at the front door. Believing it to be for Kye’s mom, I went to pick them up for her, and found that they were from my loving, adorable parents! They were these gorgeous native Australian flowers I’ve NEVER seen before (and still can’t identify). I’ve never really gotten flowers (esp of that magnitude) before, so it was a nice first for me!

Later that evening, we went to have dinner with some of Kye’s friends. I’ve never had more delicious satay curry sauce in my life, smothered over pretty much anything, for that matter: rice, meatballs, chicken. Hmm, and this delicious chocolate pie and vanilla ice cream (hot and cold is the best combination evaaar!). I also solved two of Michael’s figurine puzzles, and I felt quite accomplished haha.

 I’m 20 years old today! Yay! Haha, it was quite a nice way to turn 20: in Australia, fish and chips for lunch and a lovely park with a swingset. I may have grown older on this day, but I’m still allowed to act like a kid (ahem, well that’s how I sleep at night :P). After being silly and such, we rented some lovely cannibal-themed DVDs (they call it “hiring” here): Sweeney Todd being one of them, and The Road (with Vigo Mortensen) being the second. It was a relaxing and happy day, even despite this Chinese guy ripped into my Itunes account and bought a bunch of crap until I was bankrupt. haha I’m going through the fraud process as we speak, but I found it quite inspiring that I – the feeler that freaks out when anything goes wrong – was able to ignore my financial woes and enjoy the day of my birth regardless. I feel good things are happening to me in this 20th year of my life, and I’m liking it!


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