It’s so Hot I’m Losing Weight!

12 Jul

I never thought that summer in Germany can be so painful. In average, the temperature is about 90 degree Fahrenheit everyday. The classrooms don’t have any air conditioning. So is my dormitory. The window can’t be opened at night or the bugs will come in and disturb my sleep. That pretty much describes my pathetic situation.

Air conditioning is found virtually everywhere in the US. All the classrooms have them. New dormitories are equipped with climate controls. Yes, it’s good, and very comfortable. Nevertheless, air conditioner is not that good for your health. It’s been discussed everywhere and I’m sure you can find the articles about it with a simple Google search.

My point, though, is not about whether it’s better or worse to implement these cooling systems. I also have heard that there is a special tax in Germany for a building to have it. It’s more about to link the situation with the size of Germans and Americans. Not the height, but the width. Hehehe. =)

For me, I am sure that I’ve lost some weight. And I feel much better to sweat after the long, cold winter that kept me stacking up fat on my belly. Now I feel leaner and healthier. It also saves electricity, thus your monthly utilities fee.

But as I’m writing this post, I’m in my room, sitting down and sweating. Oh I want A/C!! =D


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