Faux pas, oh no!

12 Jul

Last night, my French family made crepes for dinner. I LOVE eating crepes in the US (especially the ones at Urban Market in the Student Union building), so naturally, I was looking forward to finally trying a genuine French crepe. Overall, they didn’t seem that different from the ones we eat in the US. There was the usual stuff laid out on the table – jelly, sugar, Nutella… So when I got my first crepe, I started piling on the jelly, just like they do back home, but then my family looked at me like, “How are you going to eat that?” I’m so used to eating huge stuffed crepes with a knife and fork, it didn’t really occur to me that maybe that’s not the way to do it. Turns out, the French eat crepes with their HANDS, and there was no way I’d be able to pick up a crepe with jelly gooping out of both ends. At least my family knows I’m American, so my strange foreign ways may be excused. I explained to them that it’s impossible to eat crepes with your hands in the US because they’re so big and overflowing with fillings and toppings. Still, the crepes here in France are still just as delicious! Silly me. By now, I really should have caught on that food servings are much bigger in the United States.

However, hot dogs may be the exception to that rule. It’s very, very hard to find hot dogs in France, but I found a place that serves them, and it’s very close to where I live! Today, I finally tried a French hot dog, and I think I liked it better than American hot dogs. They weren’t the big, fat, juicy franks you find in the US, but rather the more slender brand, like Oscar Meyer makes. In France, whenever you get a sandwich, it’s served on a very long, thin loaf of bread that’s about a foot and half long, I’d guess. To make up for this length, there were TWO hot dogs on the sandwich, and it came at a pretty good price! Another thing that I love in France more than in the US is ice cream. It’s going to be hard eating ice cream once I return home, because all the flavors here in France are amazing! There’s a tiny ice cream stand here in Arles, and I’m not kidding when I say Baskin Robbins ain’t got nothin’ on that little ice cream cart.

But here I go, talking about food way too much. The sad thing is, I could keep going, but I think I’ll leave my food critique at that, for now. Last weekend, I got a very annoying sunburn, but I guess that’s what happens when you go to the beach twice in one weekend and forget sunscreen. Fortunately, other people had some that I was able to use, but I guess I missed a spot in the middle of my back that got burned, and then my KNEES. I didn’t even put sunblock on my legs because I can barely get them tanned, let alone burnt, but nope. This time, the sun hit my legs. I don’t know why my knees in particular got hit the worst, but there you have it. Fortunately, the pain was gone in about a day, and I’m left now with mild discomfort. So, yeah. If you’re ever in southern France, don’t make the same mistake I did. Sunblock is a good thing to have.

This upcoming week is going to be super fun and eventful! Tonight, I’m going back to Avignon with my class to see a play. Then Wednesday is the 14th… Bastille Day!! No class that day, or on Thursday! So I get a big break this weekend, which I’m planning to spend in Marseille with my classmates! I’m not sure that I’ll get to see the Chateau D’If on this trip, but if not, I plan to return next weekend. After that, I’m sure I’ll have a many more things to talk about!


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