Almost ready!

12 Jul

Hi I’m Savanna Niec and I’m a junior at Purdue University studying Wildlife. I’m heading to Tanzania, Africa through Purdue and with the School for Field Studies to be part of a Wildlife Management program. My plane flies out on Sunday, July 11th and I’ll be in Africa for a month. While in Africa, I’ll be researching and studying the problems associated with human land use / wildlife conservation, and working to find a solution. To answer everybody’s question, yes I am very excited!

So to start off, from the way my living room looks right now I could probably get nominated to go on that show Hoarding: Buried Alive. Should I continue packing? No, I think I’m just going to write this and bake some brownies for my family. Packing everything on my list (basically enough stuff to get me through a month) into one suitcase that has to be less than 44lbs is the hardest thing and I probably should have done this a week ago but I think now that I’m leaving in like… 11 hours, I have a bit more motivation. Looking at my suitcase with clothes thrown around is a little intimidating, but then I see things like my 2 books: ‘Behavior Guide to African Mammals’ and ‘Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania’, the African skirt I had to get for when we go into the local communities or work with the Maasai, my awesome new safari hat, and of course my Malaria medication; and all of it makes me remember that in 4 days I’ll be in Africa.

I’ll be staying at a safari camp in Northern Tanzania, complete with 2 person tents and cold showers! I’m looking forward to that actually. Compared to how many times I’ll be able to travel to Africa, study the wildlife, interact with the Maasai, and live right in the middle of African culture, I think I can give up hot showers for a month.

Check back, I’ll try and keep this thing updated as often as I can!


One Response to “Almost ready!”

  1. Jenilee July 13, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Savanimal I feel like a loser cuz I am the first to write you! First thanks for the brownies they were amazing! Everyone loved them! I just read your almost ready post and it is hilarious. K miss you love you be safe and remember you will be submitting your pics to zack and I in the form of a presentation so they better be good! If they are A+ material like I tried to teach you all summer you get a surprise!
    ps. next post tell us how many mosquitoe bites you have already!

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