The Doner Shop That Brings a Smile. Everytime.

7 Jul

It was a Friday, one week ago. A busy day. For a reason. I would have a project due in three days, which was this past Monday. My teammates and I were racing with time because there were technical drawings needed to be done, along with the 3D modeling on the computer. We designed the rear part of the scooter, and one can imagine how many components in which that system consists of. That day, my team was trying to work on the 3D modeling, so we met on the computer lab at the campus building. It was a lot of pressure working on the model. My team were at their peak of jadedness. In addition, there was also a pressure from the technical drawings that still awaits.

This is an example of a Doner Yufka

After we finished the meeting that afternoon, my Purdue buddy and I were starving so we decided to get a doner. There is a street where around five doner shops sit every two shops. But there’s only one doner shop that I approve, and I successfully persuaded my friend to go there. Now, the doner at this shop is undeniably very good. Even the former Purdue students who came here agreed. The best part is yet to come. Or so I’d say. There is an old man, who I think owns shop (that’s how far I can assure y’all). He is very kind, patient, and full of smile. Ever since the first time I came to that shop, starting with my super-bad German, he always tried to help me get what I wanted. At that time, however, his presence had a bigger impact. My hunger was fulfilled and my tension was relieved coming to that shop. It was wonderful. The best four Euro that I’ve spent on food.

No wonder that his doner shop always has customers coming in. It’s just not good food. It’s a full hospitality package.


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