Festival Time!

7 Jul

So, I think my body has finally caught up with me! For days after I arrived in France, all I wanted to do was sleep. I expected a bit of jet lag, but wow, that took a while to sort out. I suppose that’s what I get for keeping crazy sleeping hours back home – I get an even crazier biological sleep schedule when I enter a time zone 7 hours ahead of my own!

Being in France has already done more than adjust my sleep schedule. First of all – soccer. Before, I didn’t care about watching sports at all, but everyone here is excited about the World Cup. I’m typing this up now, watching Paraguay vs. Spain, and although I haven’t magically transformed into a soccer fanatic, I’ve gained an appreciation for the sport and think it’s pretty fun to watch! Another thing is that I’ve been drinking a lot of Orangina. I mean… a lot. I have no idea why I obtained this sudden addiction, but alas. Orangina. Yum. Also, I’m already in a pretty French mindset. I’ve been looking forward to July 14th (Bastille Day) so much, that I nearly forgot tomorrow is American Independence Day! Oopsie. So, everybody, happy 4th of July, and I hope you have fun celebrations! I know I’ll be sure to tell you all about French celebrations after the 14th =P

Now, as for what I’ve been up to… Yesterday, everyone in my study abroad group took a trip to Avignon! There, we visited the Palais des Papes, which is basically a huge castle which was the residence of, I believe, nine popes, if my memory is correct. Inside, there wasn’t really as much to see as I expected, but it was all still very interesting to see. Aside from that, I didn’t do much else in Avignon that was noteworthy. I saw the bridge, but I didn’t actually GO to it. There was a museum, Le Petit Palais, that I meant to see, but almost everything in France closes in the middle of the day for lunch, and I happened to get there with a few other students right after they had closed. We left to look at other things, and I did mean to go back once they re-opened, but I got distracted. Story of my life, haha. Still, I had a great time in Avignon!

Today, I relaxed. After lunch, I went to the market. Every weekend in Arles, there’s a HUUUGE market that goes all the way down a major street. I figured today I would just look, since I have plenty of time to buy things, but I actually bought… Wait for it… You might need to sit for this one… I bought a dress. Oh man. If you know me, you know I NEVER wear dresses. But this one looks really nice! And I suppose I could afford to do something a little different every now and again. Later, Isabelle, my French mom, took me to a book store that she likes, and I found The Count of Monte Cristo in French! The people at the store were SO nice! I guess Isabelle is a regular there, and she told the cashier that I’m American and all that, and I got FOUR free books!! They’re small, but still! I’m totally shocked, and of course, very grateful.

As far as future plans go, things are about to get very busy in Arles. Their photography festival just begun, and I have so many pamphlets of different events that will be going on. Many of these are free events! Also, I found someone who’s interested in visiting the Chateau D’If with me! I’m so horrible at making plans, but I’ll have to try and get better at it real quick so I don’t miss out on all the fun that’s going on!!


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