Tout va bien

29 Jun

Finally, I’m all settled in! Yesterday, I met my family, and today was my first day of classes. So far, everything is going very well! My professors seem friendly, the topics are interesting, the family is very nice, and the food is delicious!

While I’m here, I’m taking French grammar and a class on immigrant communities in France. It’s only been a day, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think I’ll do pretty well. Both classes are in the evening, after lunch. I’m very happy for this, because I like to stay up late, especially since all my family and friends are 7 hours behind me, now. No one really comes online until it’s pretty late here. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, lunch is provided by the program, and I eat with a group of students at different cafés to practice French. After that, I go to class, and after class… Shopping, dinner, homework, internet, whatever!

Yesterday, I met my family for the first time. She has two sons, a boyfriend who lives with her, and a very, very adorable kitten. They’re all very, very nice! I went with them to the beach yesterday. Oh mon Dieu, it was the nicest beach I’ve seen. It wasn’t crowded at all, there was no seaweed, no rocks to cut your feet, and of course, it was very beautiful. I think I’m already getting used to speaking French with them. At first, it was a bit difficult, because I felt like a three-year-old, trying to understand simple things. I often remind myself of “In the Waiting Room,” an essay by David Sedaris, where he constantly replies to everything with, “D’accord, d’accord” (D’accord = OK). For some reason, it’s difficult to tell when they’re asking a question. I have no idea why. But this is only the beginning! I know for sure I’m going to improve by the end of the program. I just have to be patient and let it take time.

About the food… I haven’t had the chance to eat too much aside from pizza, but in general, I’ve noticed that the food is definitely not as heavy as American food. Only a couple hours after eating, I’ll already start feeling hungry again. That’s definitely okay with me, though. Hopefully, I’ll be able to lose some weight while enjoying delicious food at the same time! I’ve also been thirsty a lot, but that makes sense, since it’s hot and I’ve been doing a lot of walking. It’s very important to stay hydrated! For water, my family has a few different flavors of syrup. Just pour a little bit in a cup, pour the water, and enjoy! It’s soooo delicious. I’ve never seen anything like that in the US. Maybe I could get those flavors for Sno-Cones and use that?

In short, all goes well! Here’s to a good, stress-free first week!


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