Finding the heart in that grey matter :)

29 Jun

I think this week was the first time I started noticing things from home that I’m starting to miss, starting with my friends and family and ending with a bit of news from Purdue that I miss being a part of. I feel sort of heartless, though, as it feels wrong to say “I miss you” when certainly the homesickness isn’t enough to send me home (pshaw, I’m in AU!). Nevertheless, my feelings certainly put me into reflection mode this week. It was a nice change of pace for me, and I’m glad I have such wonderful people in my life that I’d miss being with them when I’m halfway around the world :-D. Aw, mushy gushy-ness haha.

So my week was very *Relaxed* – yes with a capital R and surrounding stars for some pizazz (:-DDD) haha. I think this week showed me a lot about how I respond differently to situations when I need a good chat with someone I’ve been missing, or when I just need an ear, etc. To be honest, I can be a bit selfish and moody when I am missing my favorite people in my life. Haha and even when I tried to mask my feelings and put a smile on, I realize that may hurt feelings when the person I’m talking to wants a genuine response, rather than a sacrificial response, and for those people who I offended this week, I hope you will forgive me! Anyway, on to my week.

Because I went scuba diving and skydiving right in a row last weekend, my ear canal was SUPER clean and therefore SUPER vulnerable to pathogens. As a consequence, I got a bit of nasally congested-like (which trickled down and became a throat-y) symptom. No virus, just annoying drainage that made everyone I encountered say “um.. do you need a Kleenex?” haha! Love it :-DDD. While the sniffles stayed with me pretty much the entire week, really, they couldn’t stop me from my daily adventurez :-DDD.

So Tuesday I came into the lab for the whole day (as class was cancelled), and ran behavioral tests. Luckily, we’ll start the real testing this weekend, and things may start to pick up again. After lab, I went to the ACU because I had another class I had to get to and I presented a research paper topic idea to one of my teachers. After class, I stayed afterwards to work on some assignments, but totally ended up trying to rip my skydiving DVD to an .mp4 file the whole time instead. Totally didn’t work, as I couldn’t access the software I need to do so. Anyway, I tucked in early that night as well, because I’ve been super sleepy lately.

Wednesday was full of adventures. I went into the lab again and we did the same routine we’d been doing for ages now, and afterwards, my Australian friend came down for a visit, as he was in the neighborhood. We had the most delicious kebabs (ahem Lebanese cuisine is easily my favorite these days!) for dinner and shortly afterwards, we got into a small car accident. There was this traffic island that was super hard to see (as it gets very dark very early here) and before we knew it, the car was plowing over it, and the muffler connector pipes (or whatever.. haha I’m so not car saavy) totally popped out of its socket and made a vicious sound. Not good. It was an adventure trying to get a tow truck and figure out what to do without a car the rest of the night as well. Bottom line is everyone was safe and it all worked out well!

Thursday just wasn’t my day. Well, to be honest, it was a great day until I got in trouble for missing class because I was helping my friend get everything sorted out and the sour cream I had for lunch decided to take out its rage on my insides. Anyway, I was a bit cut about getting in trouble for missing class, but my day made a nice recovery when I went to the Opera House for a lovely play called “Just Macbeth”. It was a comedy and it was so hilarious, light and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had another early night that night, as I was exhausted from all of the drama of the preceding day and a half.

Friday I went into the lab and completed the same routine of the last couple of weeks (I promise I still really enjoying doing the behavioral tests.. Probably because I have a very fun post doc to talk to and plenty of exposure to Microsoft games haha). I won my first game of two suited Spider solitaire (my mom would be so proud of me haha!) evaaar, and we removed the staples from the top of the rats’ heads. Friday night, I met up with one of my Boilermaker (also high school) friends who just happened to be studying abroad in Adelaide spring semester, and who was heading home for the semester. We grabbed some Thai for dinner (green curry and these fried chicken balls.. very good!) and then walked around the Darling Harbor/Circular Quay area and found some lovely gelato for scene two of our stomachs‘ entertainment for the evening. Basically, we clung to George street like a tick sucking all the blood from your head and then popping profusely all over your white wedding dress. Bahaha. My blisters have thanked me plenty of times since then for birthing them.

I gotta say, I will never grow tired of seeing the Opera House at night. The view is so gorgeous and inspiring to me. After our walk, we ended up going to a karaoke bar which was right underneath her hostel. She sang a few tunes, and we met an Aussie backpacker and exchanged some of our travel stories/mishaps. Afterwards, we went to explore another bar with new said friend, and then we ditched him when we realized he totally used us to get into the other (high browed) bar he took us to. Apparently if you have boobs, you can get into any bar, no matter how poorly dressed you are (seriously? I was in rainboots and had an ugly overstuffed backpack strapped to my back). Afterwards, we called it a night, and I spent the next hour and a half getting back to my apartment, since the trains and buses are super scarce after midnight. I did make it back without losing a penny, though, so I was happy! haha 🙂

Saturday I took a train up to Newcastle to visit my favorite Australian family again haha. I absolutely love the scenery the train passes through! We went to the mall to see if I could find a substitute for my hole-y shoes (I ended up just deciding I’d get over myself and wear boots haha). I felt bad that I dragged them all out to the mall just for me to decide I felt immoral buying shoes I didn’t *have* to get. Haha I’m very strange about pretty much everything money related. I only hope they will forgive me for my strangeness or any imposition my strangeness may create or causeJ .

After the mall, we watched this super awesome TV show “Big Bang Theory”, which I absolutely love and we went out to dinner with a couple of friends at “Lonestar Steakhouse”. Haha. It was very humorous to see what Australians think American cuisine is like, especially since America is just a bunch of other cultures mixed into one general place. I’m glad I didn’t see any hotdogs, though haha! I want to correct my previous salad dressing recommendation, however. Don’t get Ranch OR Blue Cheese dressing in Aussieland. It’s so gross and sour. Haha! BOTH aren’t popular, and you’ll likely be in for a surprise. After dinner, we went and got some ice cream (I know, right? I’ve been naughty too many nights in a row! haha), where we ate it gazing out at one of Newcastle’s lovely beaches (which is apparently where a bunch of 17 year olds dub their hang out place.. apparently, since they aren’t yet 18, they can’t hang out in bars). Pretty much after that, we went home and passed out. All of us were pretty tired for some strange grandma-esque related reason, I’m sure haha.

Sunday was very chill as well. After meeting, we went to this delicious fish and chips shop and ate it in the sun (which is crucial on a winter’s day, but you can totally wear flip flops and be fine haha!) on a picnic table near a very small park (oh man little kids are so cute here! and they don’t drop the f bomb to invalidate any admiring comments you may make of them haha :-DDD). Twas lovely and VERY satisfying (seriously, if I were to pick a food I wanted to die of a heartattack from, I would pick those chips! Ooo apparently they were topped with chicken salt.. which no. Doesn’t come from chickens haha :-DDD). After lunch, more Big Bang Theory (cuz we’re supanerds and awesome like that) and then it was time to go home! A very quick (and sleepy) weekend, but I enjoyed being quick (and sleepy) with them :-DDD.

Overall, I learned a good bit about myself and my place in Australia this week. It’ll be really cool to see what happens as I expand my data pool during my remaining time here. Onto more adventures! Will write again soon! 🙂 xo



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