8 Jun

I love not having to work. Think anyone will pay me to vacation for the rest of my life? That’d be great. How did I know today was going to be such a great day? Well, it started off with two donuts. It’s impossible to have a bad day when it starts with donuts. I talked Baker’s Bun (the bakery I went to last week and blogged about) up so much that Bo wanted me to take him. Obviously, I was willing to oblige. So we headed out before class. Again, it was delicious. I had a chocolate iced donut, a strawberry iced donut and a coffee. I now know why cops enjoy this “tradition” so much. Bo did the same – two iced donuts and a cinnamon donut – all for two dollars. He liked the pieces of heaven just as much as I did. I know I promised photos but I was so focused on the glazed goodness that I forgot. Not surprisingly though, I will be back and I will get photos if I can keep from drooling all over my camera. Okay, this is starting to turn into a food blog. Sorry about that but I do enjoy food.

After our trip to Baker’s Bun we headed to class. I really do enjoy the class and the instructor. Today’s topic wasn’t the most entertaining but it is interesting because we are sort of a walking, breathing case study for intercultural communications. There’s a lot to learn and being intertwined in a new culture and the class has been a cool experience.

After class, Bo and I headed out to do some research on the Sydney Film Festival. The festival, one of the biggest in the world, is going on for the next three weeks here in Sydney. Bo is a films study and selling/sales management double-major. Needless to say, he is about as excited as this kid.  We picked out some (for him eight and for me three) movies we wanted to see and figured out when we’re going to try to make it. I figure if I am going to go to a film festival, might as well be one of the best in the world. Should be interesting.

When I got back to the apartment class, I was ready to go on a run but it was raining – big surprise I know.  Instead, I headed to the sub-par gym we have here but actually had a pretty good work out. I did some weights real quick and then hit the pool. I love water, I love swimming, I am just not very good at swimming for endurance or speed. I can float like a champion. The lap pool here is super nice and it was empty which meant I couldn’t embarrass myself too bad.  I have contacts so I can’t open my eyes and I don’t have goggles so I was sort of swimming all over the place. It is a 25m pool but doing a lap down and back I probably swam closer to 100m than I did 50m. After a couple more “down and backs” I was pretty much dead. I hit the hot tub and sauna real fast and headed back. It was a great work out and there is nothing better than a big ol’ meal after a workout. Crap, here I go again on the food tangent again.

I grew up with the greatest chef in the world – my mom and well, not the greatest chef in the world (unless you count microwaving hot dogs with cheese in them) – my dad J. My mom and dad therefore, have encouraged me to start cooking and I love it. I made some pasta and chicken (no surprise there) tonight but I also made some bruschetta (spelling?) that I shared with my neighbors and they were very impressed. Be proud mom – she’s the best teacher in the world too.

So this might be my last blog for the next couple of days. We leave for our surf trip Friday night at 6. I will take lots of pictures and blog all about it when we get back. We are all really excited minus the 6-hour bus ride but it will be worth it. So until then…



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