8 Jun

Sydney meteorologist – apparently. The weather since we have been here has been wet, very wet. This was the most rain that Sydney has received in the month of May in 20 years. We had been hearing all week that the worst of the rainstorms was coming this weekend, specifically Sunday. I’ve heard of weathermen being wrong and then there was today’s forecast. They were predicting everything from flashfloods to cyclones – yeah, cyclones. I don’t even know what that means so I was kind of looking forward to it and I didn’t plan anything for the day because I didn’t want to fight the weather. So what’d I wake up to? Blue skies and the Sun. I had to check with my roommate to make sure that it was indeed the sun since we hadn’t seen it in about 4 days.

I had mixed emotions. I guess my cyclone experience will have to wait but it was extremely nice to actually get to enjoy the weather. I ate breakfast (oatmeal and yogurt) on our porch. Then, later in the day myself and two others went to a really cool park near our apartment complex and threw the Frisbee for several hours. The park was really cool. More or less, it was just an open field but everyone had their dogs out and it was just a really cool environment. Made me want a dog I could take to the park – can’t wait to get my own when I graduate. It was really cool because were in a park but the Sydney skyline was there in the distance. After throwing the Frisbee we decided to climb up the large hill at the park – good choice. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of Sydney and an absolutely spectacular sunset. Yeah, three dudes watching the sunset at a park. Insert joke here.

Fittingly, after watching the sunset together, we decided to make dinner together. Hey, it’s cheaper AND easier. We went to the grocery store and made some tacos that were very good. Just yesterday, I discovered what Australians call ANZAC (Australian-New Zealand Army Core) biscuits (cookies, Aussies call ‘em biscuits). Apparently, they hold for 30 days and that’s what the soldiers would take with them. Knowing this, I did not think they would be very good. However, they are absolutely delicious. We have gone through two bins from the grocery in two days. We kind of like them.

The other oddity at the grocery store is Kangaroo meat. They do eat it here. I’ve actually seen Kangaroo pizza on several menus. I almost bought it tonight. It comes in all sorts of cuts and is apparently a dark lean meat – think buffalo maybe?? Anyway, I am planning on buying some of it eventually and doing something with it. Kangaroo tacos perhaps? We will see. Well, here are some pictures of our view at the park. I only had my phone on me so the quality isn’t great but hey, I tried. I guess that is all for now. Let me know if you have any good Kangaroo recipes J



  1. Anzac biscuits June 9, 2010 at 4:41 am #

    Our family also love Anzac biscuits. And although we’re not Australian, the history behind this biscuits really make it a hearty food, very heartwarming I guess. My 7-year old twins love helping me out when I’m making Anzac biscuits. They will even sometimes request for a chewy version which basically means that we’re adding an extra bit of honey in the recipe, lol!

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