A Week Off Followed By A High Stress Level

3 Jun

Last week was a full week off in my college department for  school excursion. I was disappointed to not be able to join it because it was already full. The excursion took the students to Audi and BMW’s factories and some other places for recreational purposes. So, I used the free time to travel around Italy. I spent 5 nights/6 days, visiting Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, and Milan. The most notable ones are Rome, Florence, and Venice. Although, Rome was ultra-huge and awfully packed by tourists, and it made the whole experience less enjoyable. Venice and Florence were, on the other hand, were smaller cities with their own local uniqueness, which made me fall in love with them.

In addition to having fun and relieving me from the cramped feeling in Karlsruhe, I also was given a chance to learn a lot of different things from the trip. The experience of staying at the hostel just gave me an exposure to another side of the world that I had been longing to see. Backpackers from around the world, meeting different kinds of them were so much fun. I learned how to take care of myself while traveling, how to keep my expenditure on the budget, and what and what not to do while traveling with friends. Imagine having a travel companion who is selfish and you’re stuck with the person for a week. Disaster. It’s just another part of life that you have to learn by experience, though. =D

I felt very happy, to be honest, to arrive home after a week away. The trip, even though it was fun, was very tiring, too. The sad thing, however, was that the Monday after I got back from the trip, I had a project due for my class, and I had to do some technical drawings (or engineering drawings, if you would), which always took forever to do. So yeah, it was the start of the stress build-up, which kept on going until an hour before the project due. That was when I got done with everything. The fight didn’t end there. I still needed to go to the so-called Project Meeting, which is the time to present all the works that were done such as calculations, drawings, etc., and also to be tested on how far our knowledge was in the class. It was a four-hour meeting, and I couldn’t help myself but to let everything be. Surprisingly, everything turned better than I expected. Hard work paid off. =)

As far as I remember, there was already someone who made a post about the trip to Italy. That said, I most likely won’t talk much about it. Instead, I will be posting up pictures. It will be available at my website. Maybe I will announce it once they are uploaded.


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