Going home! :) :(

25 May

This post has so many mixed emotions.  My flight to go home is this Sunday at 7 o’clock in the morning.  That means I only have the rest of today, Friday, and Saturday to see these awesome people.  I also have to study for a German final that I have tomorrow which I am not doing a great job on so far.  In the end I will be fine.  But I will just go over my plans before I go home and then I will tell you what I am feeling and reflect a little on my time.  After my German final we are having a farewell barbecue.  I am really excited about it because we are getting our video that people made about this semester.  I can’t wait to show everyone this video cause it is going to be hilarious and awesome! But during the barbecue everyone will be there including our teachers which will be really nice.   Then after that we are going to come back and make some din or something and then go out.  I am sad though because for 3 of my friends and one of them being my roommate tonight is the last night they will be here.  They are leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow.  Then on Saturday I am going to finish packing do some last minute shopping and go the Donuinsel and hang out and get some drinks at a Tiki bar.  Then that night will be a very very sad time and I will then leave my apt around 4:30 a.m. for the airport with one a girl who flight is at the same time as mine.  I am happy to be going with someone to the airport so I can kinda ease my way into not seeing some of these people for a while.

One of the saddest things I think about this trip is that I may never see some of these amazing people ever in my life again.  I already have some trips planned to see some people this summer or next semester but it will be an effort to stay in touch.  I know that people come and go in your life but I really feel like there are a couple of people here that I have met that I will be friends with the rest of my life.  Only time will tell though.  The times I have had here have been some of the greatest in my life. I could not have been any happier about the time I have spent here and the experiences I have had.  I have learned so much about my self and know when I get back home I will truly realize how much I have learned/ changed.  I know some of you may be wondering how much I changed but I really think I am the same guy I was when I left.  If anything I gained a greater appreciation for life and other people.  I feel like I have grown up so much since I have been here but don’t worry I will still be joking about the same things I did before I left.  The travels I have been on has shown me so much of the world and what it has to offer.  I can not wait to come back to not only Vienna but Europe.  It is such an amazing place with so much to offer at every turn.

Things I will miss in Vienna

– First and foremost the great people and friends I have met here

– my apartment and roommates

– leaving my apartment and seeing the beautiful buildings, nashmarkt, opera house

– Going to my school and seeing everyone hanging out by the tables and couches

– just walking to and from Vienna with friends and hearing about their lives

– going to study at the Donauinsel or hang out there

– playing cards

– having all of the laughs and inside jokes we have created

– walking into Billa or another grocery store and buying a couple of items because that is how they shop here

– going to the many late night spots we went to

– getting a Kebab or Happy Noodles

– drinking Stiegl

– watching 24 and other movies with friends

– traveling around Europe

– and so many other things!

So the moral of this post/ all of my posts is that if you get the chance to study abroad YOU MUST DO IT! It has seriously been the greatest semester of my life and something I will never forget.  So if someone out there is wondering whether this is an experience for them I would like to answer that question and say yes! And I would also like to say that Vienna is also a top notch place to study.  It is really a city that offers so much.  There is always something going on and if anyone ever says they are bored in this city then they would lying.

I think I am going to do one more post from when I get home but I would like to say thank you for everyone that has read my blog this semester! I hope you have enjoyed reading my experiences here and some of my stories. I have so many stories to tell so be sure to ask when you see some more!  I am so grateful to have this experience and I would like to tell everyone while this post is about Vienna I am so excited to see everyone back at home and tell you about my experiences! See everyone soon!



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