Predeparture Introspections… :)

18 May


My name is Lilli Ashmore, and I am a junior Neuroscience and Professional Writing major at Purdue University. This summer, I am headed to Sydney for an incredible internship experience as a research assistant for the Brain and Mind Institute on the campus of the University of Sydney. Australia has always been held close to my heart—I remember writing to the Prime Minister of Australia as a thirteen year old, naively informing him of the perils of the mining industry on workers (haha). I’ve visited Australia in the past when I was 12 for about a week, and I’m looking forward to a lovely rendezvous.

The main focus of my blog will be (I hope) a lovely compare and contrast of my cross-cultural experience abroad in Sydney. I’m really looking forward to specifically delving into the social realm of Aussie life. As a psychologist, I want to know what issues are more prominent to Aussies, due to a simple change in scenery and way of life, than here in America. Secondly, I will be describing in detail every orgasmic gustatory sensation my tongue experiences at the hands of Australian cuisine (haha). I, like all sane individuals, love food and I willingly sacrifice my comfort zone for the next seven and a half weeks for the prosperity of what I consider a healthy curiosity. Well, on average. J

Some insecurities I have before I suffer through 24 hours of misery on a plane in which the passengers surrounding me will inevitably deprive me of the proper amounts of zzzs I need—breathe! My apologies for that inexorably long introductory dependent clause! Forgotten what I was saying yet?—include that I will indeed not get any sleep on the plane and my first appearance in AU’s lovely grips will resemble an intoxicated raccoon with no regard for hygiene and spatial navigation and that I will epically fail my interview upon arrival. I realize the interview process is just to weed out the whackos (or that’s what I’m telling myself), but I guess I really want to give a stellar first impression, without trying too hard. I’m really hoping I click just right into my lab’s dynamic. I’m also hoping my roommate situation will be lovely. Study abroad students tend to have (from my experience) ulterior motives for fleeing the country besides cultural exchange, and I’m hoping my roommates will be miraculously devoid of these.

Alas, I must depart from all of my lovely insecurities and just dive in! I’m sooo ready for sleep deprivation and to be reminded how out of shape I am when I’m juggling with my luggage tomorrow! Watch out, fine Sydney, here I come, raccoon eyed and all!

–Lilli 😛


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