goodbye Firenze :(

17 May

So Im back in the United States right now but I will give you a little recap of what my last few days were like in Florence. We had a farewell dinner on the 2nd to last night which was really nice. The capa staff is always so awesome and so it was nice to be able to say bye to them and the rest of everyone else in a more formal setting. It was kind of weird saying goodbye to everyone however. I was sad to leave everyone but at the same time I knew that I would take so much away from the experience, there is was no way I could forget people.

On the last night I had to make sure that I was all packed because I was leaving for my two weeks of traveling right after my final. I also had to study for that final on the last night, so I was not able to go out and enjoy my last night, which kind of stunk. I walked home and was saddened by the fact that it would be a very very long time before I would be able to walk the beautiful streets of Florence. Florence was the mot beautiful place that I had ever been. I truly learned what beauty was going there. I spent many afternoons doing nothing but sitting by myself on beautiful church steps people watching. I learned quite a lot about myself and truly enjoyed the alone time that I spent just soaking every minute in. I definitly learned to appreciate so many things such as Art, Beauty, History and Culture by living in Florence, Italy.

Even though it has only been a week, I still miss the pretty walks up and down the main street of Florence.

I feel that I grew up so much just by living in a city different from any in the United States. I learned independence, toleration and many many more things I couldn’t begin to explain..

In my next entry I will give a recap of my AMAZING 2 weeks of traveling!!!!!


cioa cioa!


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