Prague! and almost coming home

13 May

This past weekend I went to Prague with a lot of my friends from my program.  I had to go to Prague by myself though because I had to tutor and decided it would be a better idea for me to take the later bus and make some money before I go to Prague.  I arrived in Prague at 1130 at night and then meet with Brandon.  It was great to see him although we have now seen each other 3 weekends in a row.  It is pretty funny and awesome how many times we have seen each other this semester and he has a great escape for me to get a little homesickness out of my system. I then meet with two of my friends that are studying in Prague.  One I know from high school and the other I know from Purdue.  Me and my guy friends stayed with my friend Kenny.  He had an amazing apartment that was enormous.  We were all able to sleep at his place and there were 7 guys including me that stayed with him.  It was kinda of a late night but we got up a little later the next day so it all worked out.

The next day we were all hungry and went to this bagel place for breakfast but by the time we ate it was lunch time.  It was called Bohemia Bagel.  All of the bagels were so good and so cheap.  After that we walked around Prague and decided to go to the castle.  We then met up with some of my other friends that were in Prague and just sat and looked at the amazing view.  Prague is such a beautiful city and seeing it from the the castle was amazing.  After that we went to the Lennon wall.  The story I am not 100 percent sure about but during the communist times in protest at night people would go and paint the wall. Then the next day it would be painted over by the communist party.  That night the same thing would happen and the pattern continued until today.  Our friend who lives in Prague Natalie brought some sharpie markers and we all signed out names.  It was very interesting and a lot of fun.  After we decided it would be an awesome idea to go paddle boats on the canal.  It was really cheap and we all thought it would be an awesome way to relax and just have a good time. (as you can see the goal of the trip was just to relax and just really enjoy the company we were in because were not going to be together for much longer).  We ended up not paddle boating because we had to wait for available boats so we instead row boats.  It ended up probably being more fun.  All three of the boats ended up getting to the middle and we just connected and hung out.  We had such a great time and I am so happy we did it.

After that we walked to Natalie’s school so we could see where she went.  It was really nice building and I could definitely see myself studying abroad in Prague.   If anyone is thinking about studying there I would recommend it because I had an amazing time there and Natalie and all of her friends love studying there.  Like a two minute walk from her school was another place over looking the city.  We walked down a path past a fence so the see the city more.  Then me and another girl decided it would be a good idea to go over the fence and sit so we were pretty close to the wall.  Everything then followed and we had another great time.  We just sat on the wall talking and taking all of the scenery in.   Everything then made those annoying noises by putting some grass in between our thumbs.  It was really annoying probably for the rest of Prague but it was a lot of fun and really funny.  We might have been helping out the American stereotype but we decided that we normally try not to so in this instance it was OK.  It was another relaxing time with friends.

We then decided to go the Beer Gardens because it again had an amazing view of the city and sounded like a really cool place.  On the way there we saw a wall.  My friend Kyle was like this looks like something we can climb up.  We all except for two of us scaled the wall and climbed up.  It was so much fun and hilarious watching some people get up.  We then walked on top of the wall until we got the  beer garden until my friend almost lost his finger.  I really exaggerated that but on his way down his ring got stuck on the corner of the wall and when it came off it tore part of the skin off  of his finger.  It was really gross but we got him a bandage when we went to dinner so it was okay.  That night we met up with some of Natalie and Kenny’s friends and we went to a Five Story Club and it was so much fun. Each story had different music playing and something new to offer. It was overall a great night.

I then went home on Sunday and said bye to Brandon for the last time until he gets home which is I think like two or three weeks after I get home.  His school runs longer than mine and he is going to travel a week after me.  So that takes me to my life right now.  For everyone that does not know I have a flight scheduled for May 23rd.  I will hopefully be able to fly out except I guess this volcano decided to spew some more ash and some more flights got canceled.  I am not too worried right now but I really would enjoy if I could get home on my correct date.  Next week I have finals so this is my last week of classes.  I have just to finish up some papers and get ready for finals next week.  I am going to be really sad to leave Vienna and all of these amazing people.  This is not going to be my last post before I leave so I am going to get sentimental right now.  Time to write a marketing paper.  Hope everyone is doing well!



One Response to “Prague! and almost coming home”

  1. Aunt Ellen May 14, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    Bem I have enjoyed reading your blog during your entire stay. I will miss reading it. I felt like I have talked to you weekly reading what you have been up to almost daily. Sounds like you have had a great time and have seen many things.
    Looking forward to your return..

    I am proud of you
    love you

    Aunt Ellen

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