The Must-See Attractions in Stuttgart

7 May

As the capital of the so-called state Baden-Württemberg, being the home for two big German automotive companies, and one of the best soccer team, Stuttgart has many entertainment to offer. Below are the three main attractions that I have been to, and which I can’t love them more.

1. Mercedes-Benz Museum


In Front of Mercedes-Benz Museum

Complete history of Mercedes-Benz company from the beginning until their current stand-point. Not much technical or engineering aspects discussed, but has a lot of different Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles, ranging from the old Tiger, the military truck, to the cool sports car. It has eight floors in total with full of car collections, heaven for car fanatics. One will start from the top floor and will continue to the bottom of the museum. Each floor divides different time period of the company, with the transitions and the happenings during the period are told by writings and pictures on the staircase’s wall. It costs 4 Euro to get in as a student, and it includes an audio tour, plus a free lanyard as a gift.


Mercedes Racing Cars Collections from Different Generations

2. Porsche Museum


Inside Porsche Museum

Smaller in size compared to Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum has its own attractiveness. Known as one of the most advanced car company. The cars it initially produced was specifically for racing purposes. Only when there was a request from Volkswagen that it started to make daily purpose cars. Being an advanced car engineering/manufacturing company, it has developed numerous new technology in vehicle system. In contrast with Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum has the showcase and explanation of the breakthrough it invented in each period. It only has two floors, meaning less car collections, although the elaboration of its inventions are very much welcomed by car engineering enthusiasts. It costs 4 Euro without an audio tour for entry as a student. Audio tour costs another 2 Euro.


Porsche 911 GT1

3. Stuttgart Soccer Match

Stuttgart soccer team is quite good. It has been standing in the top positions in the main German soccer league. Its home stadium, Mercedes-Benz Arena, is located near the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


Inside The Stadium

Usually home game will play every Saturday afternoon. Depending on the opposing team, the price and availability may vary. One may need to purchase the ticket well in advance. However, if the tickets are sold out, there is still a possibility to purchase the ticket for the away team section.

Just remember not to cheer for the wrong team.


Away Supporter Section

The best part of the soccer game is the atmosphere of the spectators. The chanting of the supporters, shouting for their team, is just amazing. In addition, it feels more interactive when soccer match is viewed in real life because the view angle is very wide, thus having more observatory area.


Full View From Seat


One Response to “The Must-See Attractions in Stuttgart”

  1. Karen May 9, 2010 at 3:03 am #

    I’ve always wanted to watch a soccer match (not on TV) It seems more fun to watch it with thousands of other fans rather than watching it in the living room. Hope you had an awesome time. I’ve been enjoying your posts. Take care =)

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