Seeing my Brother

3 May

Hello everyone,
So this past weekend was a lot of fun and I was happy the volcano decided to not erupt again so I was able to see my brother Brandon. I ended up getting into Maastrict at 1am on Friday night. It was a long travel but well worth it and I just made the last bus to Maastrict by one minute so I was very lucky.  When I got there I met with Brandon and met some of his friends.  Like everyone that meets us here they freak out because of how Brandon and I are twins. It has been nice not getting all of the twin questions all of the time but it really doesn’t bother me because it is a part of my life just like anything else. I would be interested in what it was like to be a twin if I wasn’t one so I understand. Anyway his friends are all so nice and a lot of fun. He is having a different experience than I am because I am with all students from the US while he has some American friends but his best friends and the ones that live on his floor are from countries all over Europe and the world.  One of his best friends is from Iran and he is an awesome guy. He also has friends from Italy, Portugal, France, Britian, and many other countries.

It was awesome to finally meet them since I hear about them all of the time and also get an even more of a cultural experience. After meeting them and hanging out for about an hour and a half we decided it was time for bed. The next morning we got up and got some breakfast. We then went for a bike ride and run that awesome. I have missed running with Brandon so it was great we finally got to run together and it was a great way for us to talk and catch up. We rode all over Masstrict and into the woods. We then ran in the woods and found of couple of caves that we explored. They were not that deep sadly so we were only able to go so far in them. It was really cool and a lot of fun. It was also great running on grass and some woodchips because in Vienna there is not as much terrain like that or at least that is close to me.  When then got back and went shopping for food and beer. It was nice seeing where we went and kinda living his life and seeing where he went and what he did.  I like it when I can actually get a mental picture when he is telling me a story or about someone. After that we went outside where his friends were hanging out and we played soccer. It was a lot of fun and at the start it was Italy Vs. We ended up getting an Italian on our team cause we were short and he said he was from America which was really funny because his friends were giving him a hard time.  After soccer we took a shower and got ready for dinner and also skyped with our mom.  Dinners with Brandon (I am sure most you already know because you read his blog as well) are communal. Everyone eats together every night which is a lot of fun and a great way to be with people. I wish we could the same thing more often. We do it here everyone once in a while and it is a lot of fun. Anyway the dinner was really and I got to talk with his friends even more. We then got ready to go out and went to a really bar/ club.  I met some more of his friends and it was a fun night.

The next day I had to leave around 2. We all had a picnic and Farzan (Brandon’s friend from Iran) made some amazing potato cakes that also had onions in it. It was a traditional type of sandwich.  We threw the Frisbee and taught them 500. It is funny that no one else besides Americans play the game but they had a lot of fun. I then left Brandon and got the train. To my surprise one of his friends which was there for just the weekend because she did not study there this semester was also on the train so I sat and talked with her until I got the airport. It made the train ride go even faster and it was interesting learning about her life in Switzerland. She could not believe how much money we paid for college and I also said it was ridiculous. I then made it back safely to Vienna and heard about my friends weekends who had gone to Styria and also had a lot of fun.

This week has been quiet with classes but I leave for Amsterdam on Thursday. I am excited because Brandon and his friends will also be going there so I will get to see them again. It is also insane that in less than a month I will be home! AHH! Not looking forward to the culture shock coming back home but I am excited to see everyone at home and really hear what has been going.  Thanks again for everyone that is reading my blog. Can’t wait to see you when I get back and get ready to see many pictures and hear a bunch of stories!


One Response to “Seeing my Brother”

  1. Eric May 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm #


    So awesome to read your blog…I happened to stumble across it while looking for something about Grandpa!! I’m so glad you and Brandon are having an awesome time abroad, it sounds like an absolutely amazing and life changing experience. I am very excited to hear all your stories when you get back home. Been talking with your Mom a bunch recently because she helped me step up a Skype with Grandpa so he could talk to my students about WWII. Kasey and I will be in Chicago in Mid-June (I think you’ll be home by then) so we’ll have to try to get together.

    Keep having an awesome time!!


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