19 Apr

Sorry to those readers out there for my absence, i was away for nearly 3 weeks! I spend a long weekend in Wales on an adventure trip, and then trekked all over Egypt for my easter holidays off from school. I will be posting about those trips in the very near future inbetween studying for finals (EEk).

Im sure you are all well aware that there has been a volcano erupting in Iceland since March, and last Wed it became violent enough to cause debris to cover virtually all of Europe. Well as it is most likely not effecting your daily life, im sure you have hardly pondered it, it is causing a bit of panic around the IES residence hall in London.

We are all set to depart this upcoming weekend, and with flights having been grounded for the past 5 days and no visible end in sight we are all getting quite nervous!  Lets face it i dont want to go home, who would want to leave London?! But i am pretty much out of money at this point, and have high hopes of job interviews the monday after i get back, and i SURELY need a job as soon as possible! Not to mention i have booked train tickets to visit Purdue for Grand Prix saturday, and the sheer prospect of spending a weekend with all my friends and the sunshine(dont get much of that here) has made me giddy the past few weeks. So i suggest the volcano relax and take a week or so off so us students can travel home!

I have already looked into alternative options, and although they sound rather fun, im not sure i was to spend $1,100 taking a 7 night journey across the Atlantic on a cruise ship only to end up in NYC, which is still a long ways from my stopping grounds in Wisconsin and Indiana!

Eyjafjallajökull is the name of the Volcano, and when it last erupted in 1822 it didnt stop for TWO YEARS.

I will update on the Volcano progress and my travels home, stay tuned!


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