Greece!! Florence!!

12 Apr

So I had wanted to get to Greece for sure but I thought it was nearly impossible with it being so far away but my friend Ruby told me about an organized trip through Bus 2 Alps that had a trip going over Easter weekend to Corfu Island in Greece. I was on the waiting list but got in! I was so excited because I knew it was going to be amazing and beautiful. It was such a long traveling experience. We had to take a 5 hour bus ride to Ancona (which is on the east side of Italy) and then from there we took a 2 hour ferry ride to our cruise line that was going to take 14 hours. Then we took a half our bus ride from their to the Pink Palace (the number one hostel). The cruise ride there was alot of fun. We played all sorts of games on the ride there, and met so many people. Because there were study abroad students from all over the europe we got to meet a ton of American students. It was also cool to meet different people in Florence because our program is so small we dont get to meet a ton of people. After a very long traveling expereince we were all ready to hit the beach.

I got checked in, and roomed with 2 random girls that were from Florence. When we got checked in we got ready to head to the beach. Ruby and Jordan and I wanted to do some snorkling. We attempted this but it was so cold and there wasnt a whole lot to do. That night we headed back and got ready for the toga party we were having for the evening. We had to make our togas and somehow i was designated to make about 5 guy’s togas at the party. We had an amazing Greek dinner with Greek salad and this beef noodle dish. It was so good. Once the Toga Party started we got to see a typical Italian fire show and plate smashing show. It was so fun. We danced through the night and in the morning we got up to go on a cruise. This cruise took us around to some of the smaller islands around Corfu. When we first set sail we got to an area where we were able to do some cliff diving. I of course was so excited to do this but I was unaware of the consequences. We had to climb this cliff which I was such a baby! I sliced my foot open and almost killed about 3 people when I was climbing up because apparently I wasn’t supposed to go yet. When I hit the water of which was over 50 feet below me, I literally went into shock. It was so cold. I got on the boat and realized all the bruises on my legs. I still have a bruise that covers my whole leg (and legs). After the cliff diving we drove around for awhile and eventually got to this private beach. We all just laid out and had a good time on this beach socializing. It was beautiful. I even saw a little white goat up in the mountains! When we got back we all just relaxed in the hot tub and then headed up for dinner. I got ready and just went down and met up with people I met on the cruise earlier that day. I actually ate dinner with the Bus 2 Alps tour guides too who were so cool. That night we got to see a typical Greek dance which was so cool. We danced and had a good time at the club Palladium that we were at the night before. In the morning I got up and, was ready for a beach day. I was a little worn out from the night before so I was excited to lay out. It was so beautiful though I was bummed I couldn’t really explore much of the island because we had to leave at 4 and it took awhile to get into the city. I really regret, also, not doing the ATV safari that they offered but it was really early and pretty expensive. It was just as cool to sit by a beautiful Greek beach that had the bluest water I had ever seen. The journey back seemed like it took forever but once we were on the cruise, we were able to get sleeping cabins so I was relieved we got beds! I roomed with these 3 girls that are studying in Rome who are from Temple University. They were really cool girls and laid back which was nice. On the way home we got stuck into some really rough water. This was like something I had never experienced. The girls in my cabin and I literally would be walking across the room and topple over! Because of this our ride was delayed about an hour. I got in about 9 in Florence and was glad for all that I could see and an epic Easter weekend that I had!

Sooo on a depressing note, I cant BELIEVE that I am leaving in less than 2 weeks! I was getting “eh it will be nice to be home”, but now that is NOT the case. Now that the end is in sight I am SOO sad to leave. I don’t know what I will do without, just, well, Italy in general. Italy has become my home. I have become used to everything about it. The lifestyle, the food, the culture, the language, the beauty, the beauty, and more beauty, bella, bella, bella. I am going to be so bored when I get back. I am trying to take all of it in these next few days. I made a list of all the things that I want to do because I feel like there is still so much that I havent done..

some things on my list

1. ride a vespa

2. drink wine on the steps of the Duomo

3. Eat a waffle with gelato (I know I still havn’t done that)

those are just a few..

I had to sit in this cafe today to type a paper and it made me so sad to think about all the things I’m missing right now. I will miss walking to class down Gioberti, laying on the steps of Santa Croce, going to the market, cooking at night, good wine, hearing Italian all the time, the slow pace of life, the “overly” friendly Italian men, apertivi, walking along the Arno River, the Tuscan mountains that I see everyday ,the leather markets, the beautiful buildings, walking everywhere..and SO SO SO much more…

I have my plans for my 2 weeks of travel. I will be going from Florence to Paris for 3 nights with Jeff Munger, then taking a train to London for 4 nights and meeting Carin Hitchens, then from there taking a train to Dublin for 3 nights and meeting Jeff Munger and Sarah Meils (finally, yay!), then Jeff and I are flying from Dublin to Munich for 4 nights. I think I am going to take a train for a small day trip on that Thursday before I leave to a small German town to see where my distant relatives are from. I figured it is something I would never get a chance to do! Well I think its time for me to go, but I will definitly keep up a few times before I leave and try and update while I’m on my two weeks of traveling!



One Response to “Greece!! Florence!!”

  1. Amy May 15, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    Hi! Cool travel notes! I was in college with a Jeff Munger in the mid 80s at Purdue. I think he was in engineering. Is that the same person?

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