8 Apr

Well, sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve written! I was just off on some more adventures!! This past week was IES’s Spring Break, and I went to Italy with a few girls, and then went to Germany to visit 3 of my best friends!

On Saturday, Anna, Justine, Katie, Angela, and I flew to Milan, Italy from Bratislava, Slovakia. Flying from Bratislava rather than Vienna makes it a lot cheaper. We flew with an airline called RyanAir, which usually has really cheap flights. We got flights to Milan for 12 Euro, which is a fantastic price! We couldn’t figure out at first how they made their money, but we soon found out. During the entire flight, they were trying to sell something! Whether it be water for 4 Euro, lottery tickets, perfume, anything, they would sell you it at an outrageous price. They would also charge you an arm and a leg if you wanted to check any bags, or if your carry on was too big. Somehow, I fit 9 days of clothes and everything else into my backpack. Somehow….still not sure how it happened!

We arrived in Milan on Saturday night, and we headed to our hostel after receiving multiple directions in Italian. It was Anna’s birthday, so we celebrated her birthday and went to bed! In Milan there actually wasn’t that much to see…we saw Verdi’s crypt, La Scala (the famous opera house), and the Duomo. At the Duomo, we tried to celebrate mass, but were only allowed to watch. 

After Milan, we took a train to Venice, where we received amazing directions and got to our hostel in no time. Our hostel was actually located right on the Grand Canal, and we had such amazing views outside our window…it was great! We met some great people at the hostel, and the managers were a lot of fun and really gave us great tips as to where to go. We spent the days in Venice just wandering the crazy little streets and taking pictures. It was such a lovely city! 

After Venice, we headed to Florence. In Florence, I realized that I had booked the wrong dates for our hostel, but luckily they had an extra room available so that we didn’t have to live on the streets!


3 Responses to “Italien!”

  1. Jamie April 12, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    I LOVE VENICE!!! haha I’m glad you enjoyed it, too! You better have gotten gelato multiple times a day in Italy! (or at least once a day…)

    And…oh RyanAir… 🙂 It’s so awesome, and so ridiculous all at the same time… lol. I think what annoyed me most about it was the obnoxiously bright yellow seat backs…

    Well I hope you continue having a blast on your European adventures! How much longer are you there for?

  2. Tia in Vienna April 13, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    Oh, RyanAir……what shall we do with you…hahaha! and gelato? I got SO much gelato in Italy. I can’t wait to swap Europe stories when I get back! I leave at the end of May, so sadly, only a little over a month before I have to leave. 😦

  3. Jamie April 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    We will definitely have to swap Europe stories! We can look at pictures too!! 🙂 Well, make the most of your last month! Have fun! ❤

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