7 Apr

This week my roommate decided that she is running a marathon when she gets home so I committed to running with her everyday for her training.

It turned out to be a great first week, we ran through tons of different areas around london. The first day we went though Hyde Park last sunday afternoon, it was slightly misting but turned out to be a great temperature and nice to have the cool mist from the rain. We also ran through some other parks, St. James and Green Park that are near Buckingham Palace.

The weeks have been flying by. I cant believe that I only have one more weekend left in London and then the next weekend I will be in Dublin, then home. The time here has been amazing, there are no words to describe the people, food, music, culture and life changing experiences that I have had. Each week for my Art class I go to different art exhibits and write on these amazing artists. London is so unique in having every different type of art in mostly free museums all around London. Just to name a few are the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The Somerset House, The Wallace Collection, and so many more! It has been so amazing to walk though and see some of the most amazing works of all time. The Van Gogh exhibit is in London right now and its about 12 pounds to see, but worth every penny. His work is so amazing first hand!

Over the next few weeks in London its crunch time! We are going to try to squeeze in as many music events, nights out, and site seeing as possible. Its been difficult with traveling on the weekends, rain, school and interning to really have a chance to see a lot of London. Not that I have too many more touristy things to see, but you could live here for ages and not see everything London has to offer! It is truly the most culturally diverse place I have ever been. Last Sunday I walked through Spitalfield Market, it was my favorite market so far, definitely the most unique with personalized fashion, jewelry and anything you can imagine. London has tons of markets, I walked around for another three hours just to wonder around and ran into two other markets, the petty coat market and one on Bricklane, which is a really cultural area. It is surrounded by indian cuisine and music from everywhere, if you just stop to listen you will hear people from many different countries. I dont recommend going there at night alone through… could be a little scary. But at the end of the lane right up the road I just missed the Flower  market that ended at two. But Burrow Market is a food market in another part of London, then there is Camden Market and Portobello. Weekly there are other markets in areas all over London, on the square outside where I live they have a marked every Saturday morning. I will miss the markets when I go home!


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