7 Apr

So its been a while… ah I have been so busy I dont know where to start… I guess Greece is is the best place really.

Two of my four roommates and I set off for Greece on a Friday morning around 9 am, a pretty late start as the flight was three hours long and we were set to land in Greece around 3. Easyjet was the plane of choice and our first flight with them proved to be much more enjoyable than Ryan air. Less commercials and more quite to enjoy the beautiful view of Mountain ranges out the window covered in snow.

We arrived and caught the first bus into the center of the city, Syntagma. We hadnt booked a hostel because we figured it would be easy enough to find one and we unsure exactly where we wanted to stay. Hungry, we looked for something authentic to start the trip off with. We ended up at this cute place right off the square call Smile and the owner who now lives in Greece and has for a long time went to Ohio State! It was pretty funny and the Gyros were amazing and fresh! We headed to Pireas at the bottom of Athens because we planned to take a ferry the next morning to one of the islands. They ended up being closed to that stop for the weekend and the last stop was one right before it…. turns out following greek signs are not easy, and one stop away can be a lot further than you think. Long story short, we ended up on the phone with my dad for about a half hour to help us find a hostel, after wandering around for about five hours along the marina. Sounds like a bad start right… not really.  We apparently were on make out marina, we were walking in front of the row of cars parked with couples making out. We watched the sun set over the boats and the water, it was so nice outside the hours went by quickly until we really were ready to find a place to stay.

We got a hostel in Omonoia, it was amazing! So if you are looking for a good one right outside central Athens its called Easy Access, a two minute walk from the metro, free breakfast, nice rooms (wood floors/amazing showers), a bar where you get a free welcome shot, all for only 13 euro a night! Such a good deal! After checking in we went out for a late dinner and had some more amazing Greek food.

Day two began the exploring, we decided since we couldnt get to pyrius easily our time would be better spend in Athens since it is massive and you could spend a week in the central city alone! We went to the Acropolis… so amazing! Dont forget your international student ID thought if you go because its free for all students… mistake we made.. but its only 12 euro for a three day pass for like 12 different sights so its really a great deal anyway. But we spent all day walking through the ruins and then around the Acropolis in the Agora which is also surrounded by markets with some of the best and most unique souvenirs I have seen, so a great place to buy gifts for friends and family.

There are tons of people outside, playing music, drinking Caffe’s and just soaking up the beautiful sun! We all got a tan that day, it was around 70 degrees. We sat at a cute restaurant for a while in between sights, and then finished up with the rest of the Agora after lunch.We headed to the beach to finish off the day, we watched people swim and a boat race in the distance, it could not have been more beautiful. We built a sand castle replica of the Parthenon and then grabbed some Gelato to walk with along to beach. Than we headed back to the hostel for happy hour number 1 from 5-6 and ended up chatting with the bar tender until happy hour number two 9-10 was finished. The girl was from portugal and had literally been everywhere! She works at different hostels, stays there and makes money to travel to her next destination. Really inspirational, she really made me want to travel everywhere! But we got about 8 free shots between me and my other two roommates so it turned out to be a very fun night! At around 11 we headed out for dinner because people eat late. After dinner we had planned on maybe going out but with the foreign food.. something didnt quite settle right so my roommate and I were not feeling well and headed to bed for the night.

The next day were started by heading out to the Olympic Stadium! I was really excited because that is somewhere that I really wanted to go! It was so much fun! So massive, I could only imagine walking though there with the thousands of others going to view the athletes! It would be amazing. We went back to Syntagma to the National Gardens and walked though there for the next few hours. There is amazing trees, flower, fruit, and a zoo inside. Out of the corner of the park we spotted the Olympic track and field stadium and took a detour to see that and then walked  further past a Tennis Tournament. We sat and watched it for a few minutes then finished up by the Temple of Zeus.

It was an amazing trip and so much more we could have seen! We left with a tan and amazing pictures! I would love to spend more time there! I recommend going if you ever get the chance!


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