Random Pictures

1 Apr

1) Mangrove jellyfish that had washed ashore during low tide. It’s the first time I’ve seen them down here all trip! They were literally everywhere.

2) Before every center meeting, the conch shell must be blown…

 3) Unfortunately, in some parts of the island random trash and items can be found everywhere. Right in front of the baby carriage is a carpet, with a pile of lighters just out of sight to the right sitting on a wooden board.

4) A small portion of a huge conch pile. These piles can be found at various spots all over the shore and surrounding islands.

5) Stumbled across the horses on a walk with my friend Bridget. There were four or five of them hanging out in front of a half completed building.

6) Don’t really have a description, just liked the pic.

7) This is the current shape of a lot of the buildings on the island. The poor economic situation combined with the recent hurricane in 2008 have only made things worse.

8) SFS staff helps local researchers return green and hawksbill turtles to the sea.

That’s all, enjoy!


One Response to “Random Pictures”

  1. adu sarfo charles April 10, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    please send me more pictures and updates about your school!

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