Oh, What a Night(life)…

1 Apr

Hola de nuevo, amigos!

I’m well over a month into my stay, and this city is starting to feel like a second home! Not a whole lot of “interesting” news to report on since the last post. Nearly all of my classes have started now, and I’m wondering more and more how students don’t kill their professors;  the instructors know the material down pat, but apart from that nothing is ever simple, direct, or evident (more to come on this topic).  I just finished all my registration last Friday, and this week I already had to schedule my Purdue classes for next semester, which felt very bizarre!  Aside from classes, I saw my first Superclasico (Boca vs River futbol) .  We watched it in a bar because tickets were impossible to get, but my brother, a huge Boca fan/member, assured me I’d get to see a few games in the Bombonera! Now I just need a Riquelme jersey…   Honestly, I think I’ve finally hit a routine here, which is good and bad. It’s positive because I feel less stressed, but negative in that I don’t want the novelty of being in this amazing city to wear off! Hay que aprovechar de cada momento!

However, one thing that I haven’t started taking for granted is the nightlife.  For those back home that know me well, you can vouch that I’m by no means the crazy party animal.  Nevertheless, here I feel that if you’re young and not enjoying the night scene, you’re essentially slapping the culture in the face. To get an idea of what I’m experiencing, think Asher Roth’s hit a while back, replacing each “College” with “Buenos Aires.”  Haha, ok, maybe things here are just a bit classier than a frat party… But seriously, the nights are incredible!

Here’s a pretty typical outing:   10-11pm- Get dressed. And depending on where you want to go, well-dressed.  Dress codes are serious here; if you’re not up to par, expect the bouncer to laugh at you and tell you to go home.  For guys this usually entails a dress shirt, nice jeans, and some sort of dress shoes (absolutely no holey jeans or sandals!); for girls, a nice skirt and blouse combo usually passes the test (like everywhere, they’re more lenient with the females).    My friends and I usually head out to middle-of-the-road clubs, and this is sufficient. However, we tried going to a place last week that happened to be significantly more uppity and full suits were a must- needless to say, we didn’t get in…

11- 1 am – Go out to eat.  Obviously, this step can be skipped, but if you’re looking to do the whole deal, it’s a necessity!  Especially in the touristy parts of the Palermo and Puerto Madero neighborhoods, there are numerous plazas with super-charming outdoor restaurants:  sit down, talk with your friends, have a bite (of over-priced food- you’re paying for the location of course!), and enjoy the atmosphere.    It’s midnight, but if it weren’t for the fact that there was no sun, you could easily mistake it for noon- so much commotion!

1-3 am- Bars.  After finishing your meal, within 2 minutes walking you can find yourself in one of the many bars.  Now here they are a completely different beast from those in the States (especially their college “equivalents”).  In BA, bars pride themselves on being charming, unique places to get a drink or two while digesting;  come with the mentality of “pounding” and not only will your wallet suffer, but you’ll be that stereotypical American/European. I’ve actually found that the English and Australians are the worst when it comes to making as*** out of themselves in this city.  They always start shouting, and with their slurred speech and accents they sound like wounded dogs… Anyway, the bars are well-worth it- try visiting as many as you can because they’re all so distinct (in popular areas, there are at least 20 within a couple blocks).

3-? – Boliches (clubs).  Ok, now you’re finally ready for the main attraction!  Beforehand you should have all definitely discussed what club you were going to and known something about it, most importantly just to make sure you can get in.  While I say 3 is the normal starting time, that’s when they open, not when you should get there.  If the place is really popular and you want to ensure entering , arriving at 130/2 is not a bad idea. In any case, you’ll most likely want to take a taxi because most of the good clubs are spread out through the city.    Now you’ll probably have to pay a small cover of around $10, but it’s worth it because it’s open bar; there are beer-champagne bars where they just keep filling up glasses, and there are liquor bars where you individually order drinks.  Obviously, the latter is preferable, but everyone else thinks that too, and at the beginning of the night you might have to wait 20 min to get a drink there.  Regardless, each club is completely unique in terms of style, music, and clients. I have been to clubs where I’ve felt right back at home in the Cactus, and other times, with crazy combinations of electronic music and reggaeton I would have sworn to be in some new country, a mix of eastern Europe and Central America.  No matter where you are, expect to dance (notice I didn’t say well haha).  There isn’t a dance floor where “some” people dance; the entire club IS the dance floor!  The whole night you mix dancing with drinking- it’s a nice balance that allows you to last much longer than we’re used to!  Lastly, if it’s a special night, the boliche might have a theme.  For instance, I went to one last week that was having a foam party. Once 5 am hit, suds came rushing down over everyone, and it was like a huge five-hundred person bubble bath  (minus the washing of my clothes the next day, it was great!).  Anyway, at about 7-8 everyone has had their fill and starts to go home. The first time exiting to a blinding sun can be quite disorienting, but you’ll get accustomed to it! Unless you’re dead tired, you’ll want to head out with your friends to a café and grab some breakfast- you have a bunch of sleeping ahead of you after all. Assuming you do go, you’ll grab a taxi home, and after putting out your clothes to dry (regardless of foam/ no foam, I assure you they will be soaked from sweating from hours of dancing)  you’ll slip into bed around 9: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Now if you’ve done like most Argentines and haven’t partaken in too many beverages, you’ll wake up in the late afternoon feeling only a bit groggy (and perhaps a little worthless as well lol). But as you can see, this lifestyle doesn’t coincide very well with classes and studying, so going out for me is now relegated to only Friday nights. However, when you’re out for almost 10 hours, do you really need more than that? 😉

Hasta Pronto!


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