Visit to Vienna

29 Mar

So appologies for the late blog, I have just gotten so wrapped up in planning slash trying to take in my last moments in Florence, that I haven’t made time for my blog posting. ;(

I guess I have to go back all the way to my trip to Vienna which was a couple weeks ago! Well I had wanted to make a trip to Vienna for a while because one my good friends that studied abroad in High School were from Vienna. I always made it a promise that if I went abroad to Europe, I would visit her. I took a night train to Vienna from Florence on Tuesday the 16th of March and was planning on returning early Monday morning the 21st. It was the first time that I was to take a long night train by myself, but for some reason I wasn’t too nervous when I boarded the train. I figured I would just go to sleep and wake up in Austria. When I was on the train, an Italian guy approached me (as normal) and asked where I was from, what my name was, and where I was going. I talked with him briefly, and he invited me to come sit with his friends. I figured it was harmless (which it was) and I followed him to the cart with him and his friends. I talked with his ”friends” for about an hour and a half. They were actually just friends he met on the train and were in their late 20s. They were all very nice, but of course it was the typical Italian men loving to talk to this American girl. The boy was 20 years old and was on the train heading home from Rome where he records his music. He was the cutest young boy, and repeatedly asked why I did not have an Italian boyfriend. He tried to explain to me that I stole his heart but had a hard time explaining the word “stole”, so he explained it by pretending to shoot a gun, which I was really confused, but was actually pretending to be a bank robber stealing money from the bank. Typical Italian men often ask if you like “Italian kiss”. This is completely normal to them, because Italian men love the fact they are Italian and think they can say they are Italian and that any girl will want to marry them. I know other wise, and know their tricks! This proceeded for a little while longer, but it was harmless fun and he was actually a very nice boy that just had a little crush!

After the long uncomfortable train ride, I eventually awoke to seeing the most beautiful snow and mountains I had ever seen. I was a little terrified because I started thinking about all the warm clothes that I had forgotten to pack. It was about a half hour later, we started arriving in a warmer area, which appeared to be Vienna, and out of the mountains. I had arrived at 8:30 in the morning and got off the train; fore I was to meet Madeleine. When I got off the train I waited about 5 minutes, and was so excited. I knew we would probably look ridiculous because we would be so excited to see each other. When I saw her we of course were so excited because it had been so long. Once we got into her car, we went to the grocery and got some food and some beers for the evening (because it was St. Patricks day of course). When we got back to her apartment, I took a long nap because I hadn’t slept that well on the train.

Once I had gotten up from my nap, we decided to take a walk around the city of Old Vienna. It was gorgeous. We walked around the Hofburg Palace, which was the Imperial Palace of the Habsburgs for more than 6 centuries. It is almost a city within a city. Madeleine had mentioned that growing up she would go there a lot of weekends because that is where a lot of special events would go on. Afterwards we got coffee from a very famous coffee shop and then walked along the famous shopping strip.

Later Madeleine and I decided to go inside a department store, and try on every type of makeup. Lets just say when we walked out of there; I am not so sure we looked like the same people. It was quite hilarious though! Once we did a little bit of walking around, we were a little tired, so we headed back to her apartment. Because it was St. Patricks day, we had plans to meet her friends at this Irish pub. We got ready, and her two friends Dorothèe and Moira came over. We headed out for a pub called Charlie P’s, but when we got there it was way too crowded. We went to a smaller pub, which was really fun. There were bag pipers and everything, which was so cool. We got a ton of pictures with them, and even made friends with them! I could already tell that the culture was so different from Italy already, which was cool to see. We made friends with these two guys from Vienna and hung out with them for a lot of the evening. Afterwards we went to Charlie P’s, which was a lot of fun, but was so crowded!

The next day we decided to go to one of Madeleine’s favorite places to people watch. It was outside of the Naturhistorisches Museum. It was also in the heart of the modern art district of Vienna. They had giant art sculptures of an “Arsche Bar” (an anus) and a women’s torso. We watched all the people just socializing, and it was really interesting for me just to see the differences in social behavior between Americans and Austrians. Once we were don’t walking around this district of the city, we decided to head back towards the area of her apartment! We got some Wiener Schnitzel in her area of the city, and headed for home. We decided to relax for the evening and do some major sight seeing the next day. The next day we went to the Schönbrunn. This was the Palace where the Hapsburg family lived. It was huge. We didn’t go inside because we both did not want to spend a lot of money, but it was just as gorgeous to walk around the Palace. It had a huge garden all around, and a huge hill up on the top that looked over the entire city. We sat at the top of the hill and just relaxed while looking over the beautiful view.

When we were done, we headed back into the city and did a little bit of shopping around the center. We got some groceries to make some dinner, and went back to her apartment. We made some dinner, and got ready to go out to one of her favorite nightclubs. This nightclub that we went to was a favorite amongst locals, but was the last night it was open because it is closing. It was an awesome nightclub called, SkyKitchen. It was on the top floor of this high-rise building that looked over the city. I met some of her friends there, and we had a great time! Ironically, I ran into this girl that I met when I was in Barcelona. We had been to this girl’s apartment when we were on spring break. It really is a small world when you are studying abroad! The next day we went to her friends horse barn. Vienna is known for their equestrian riding, so it was really cool to see her friend’s horse and barn. We watched her and her horse ride, and walked around the woods. When we returned from the day at the barn, we got ready to go out to one of her friends from the lacrosse team’s birthday party. We first went to one of her friend’s Felix’s house, then we went to the bar where the friend was throwing the party. It was really fun meeting a lot of her Austrian friends, and they even had free Austrian food! We were out for awhile, and I met all types of people from Vienna, it was a lot of fun! We got home pretty late, and had plans to go to lunch with her step-dad. We got up and went to lunch at this artsy Vienna restaurant where I got soup with slices of pancake (very Austrian) and Wiener Schnitzel. IT was very yummy! Her step dad was a very nice man and I enjoyed talking to him quite a lot.

Afterwards we went to the Naturhistorisches Museum, which was so cool. It had all the famous natural histories of the earth. There were famous rocks and natural exhibits from all around Europe, which was really interesting. I even watched a bug show that was in German! After this we headed home so I could get packed and ready to take the train home. At 7 I headed for my long train ride back to Florence. I was really lucky, however, to have an American study abroad student studying in Florence sitting next to me. I had heard a lot of German all week, zero of which I really knew, so it was a breath of fresh air to finally hear some English. I know that sounds terrible, but it was quite nice! I got into Florence early in the morning, just in time to take a nap and head to my 8:45 class.

Vienna was an amazing trip; it was nice to see my friend and even better to see a culture I had never seen before!

I spent the last week and a half in Florence, and loved every minute of it. I will be leaving for Greece on this Thursday the 1st. I will be going to Corfu Island on a ship. I will be spending 2 nights in Corfu, and 2 nights on the ship so I will be returning Monday at 4pm. I am so excited because I have wanted to go to Greece for such a long time! 



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