The Last Sunday in Neumünster. Next stop: Netherlands.

29 Mar

Yoo! Today is my second-to-last day of internship. All I have been doing all this time (other than working, of course) is cleaning the apartment before I leave and taking care of my travel needs, as I will be going to Netherlands after this. That said, I will be absent from writing a new blog post next week, but I promise you that the next post will be all about Netherlands, and a little bit of Belgium, and not to forget some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, however, I did spend quite some time this past Sunday evening to take a quick walk around my neighborhood. The weather was so nice that time, for a weird reason. It had been raining since Saturday until Sunday afternoon, although suddenly the sun was shining so bright. I didn’t waste the opportunity, I used it to capture some memories of this area, especially my company, which is only about 6 minutes walk from my apartment. I will post the link at the end of this post, it will take you to my flickr album. I’m not gonna post the pictures here because there are more than 30 of them. However, I’ll give you a free sample. =) The one featured here is the front area of my company. And, yes, it has a lovely little pond.


Wanna see more? Go to the online album (Will open in a new tab).  -fin


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