Cheap Travel

24 Mar

One of the perks of spending a semester in a European country is the opportunity to travel cheaply across the continent. Lets face it, as Americas its mighty expensive to hop on a plane and fly even a few states over, we just havent mastered the art of travel. It is a completely different story over here!

Ryanair is a fantastic cheap airlines. There are no frills, but really who wants to pay a few extra hundred dollars to have a rubber piece of chicken anyway? Not me! A few weeks back I flew from London Gatwick to Shannon Ireland for under 30 pounds round trip! The key is to travel on a tues , wed, or thurs when possible to get the cheapest flighst. But really weekend rates are not bad at all. It does cost extra to check luggagge (even if you only bring one), but hey we are college students and a little backpack has been sufficent for me thus far.

Trains in Europe of great. They leave from city centres (something that can be tricky with flying!) and are fast, comfortable, and pretty reasonable. I took a train from London to Penzance Cornwall for less than 50 pounds round trip.

Buses are by far the cheapest option, and convientently located- however they cant take ages! The freeways in Europe are not as spacious, thus traffic jams are inevitable even with fewer car owners. I took a bus from London to Edinburgh Scotland, which took 10 hours each way but only cost me 20 pounds round trip. Since I am a student, and avid reader, I had the time and tools to keep myself occupied so it wasnt so painful. The bus stopped for a meal, and a few stretch points along the way too which was great.

As far as accomodations go you must stay in hostels! I know if you have never tried one they can sounds gross, unsafe, and just unpleasant. But i promise the experiance is the opposite. Yes the bathrooms tend to get a bit waterlogged and gross after a weekend of college students, but other than that you always have a clean bed to sleep in for as cheap as 8 pounds a night! And it is a fantastic way to make friends from all over the world.

If you have any questions about traveling around Europe i would be more than happy to help out and share my experiences!

Till next time,



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