I’m Getting Impatient

23 Mar

It’s only one and a half week left of my stay here in Neumünster until my departure to the college of my summer semester. There’s really not much that I do these days, as my mind is prepared to move away from this country-side town. I didn’t even realize that this town is a real suburban until earlier this week when I was walking outside of my company building after a lunch and my friend said, “You can tell Spring is coming now. And, you can also smell the country-side part.”
Nevertheless, I like this city. It’s quiet, peaceful, but doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any drawbacks.
There’s not much entertainment in here, and the city is dominated by teenagers and elders. The young adults tend to go to big cities, which is a common practice. Bumping into an old man walking his dog on a Saturday morning is a ritual, passing by an old lady riding her bike to the grocery store is a must. Something has to change, though. I’m too young for this place.
Good thing it all will change soon. The city of my college is quite a big one, and being a college town, obviously there are more young adults which should enhance the liveliness of my days there. I’m very much anticipating all of these, so that’s what I’ve been waiting: Let the time pass.
Speaking of my adaptation with the environment, it seems like living more than two months in a small town where English is rather uncommon, I’m picking up the language faster than I thought. It can’t be any better of preparation for my next step. There’s something that has been bothering me, however. I’ve learned numerous foreign languages, including English. I can keep up with some of them, the others are left behind for different reasons. But the thing is, there’s always one point in your language study where now you start having more vocabs and short phrases, but your brain is not accustomed to it. As a result, you can understand what people are saying, but you can barely respond to it, and that’s depressing for me. I like to greet the waiter that serves me in a restaurant, and have a nice small conversation, asking how his day has been. Now every word is in the back of my head yet my tongue won’t move, how sad is that. Hopefully I can learn from all this to improve my verbal communication in German.
Like I’ve said earlier, there’s not much of an update this week, possibly next week, but stay tune of my new stories once I get to Karlsruhe. =)

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