Insane Packing & Nerve Packing Flights Part 2

18 Mar

No such thing as getting comfortable in airplane seats! My international flight was 16 hours long. Never has my butt gone so numb in my entire life. They had built in touch screens on the back of the seat in front of me so I could watch new movies or shows. It was nice watching movies and shows for the first six hours but when I finally fell asleep it was only for four hours which I feel is torture. When I woke up, I thought I had been asleep for at least six hours if not longer so imagine my silent freak out when I had the reality of 8 more hours left of my flight. At this point in time, I was ready to be done. The few good shows and movies I had watched by then and I had no motivation to read my book so I just drifted in and out of sleep. That helped another hour or two fly by but for the most part I did a lot of thinking. Be sure to pack thick socks, long comfy pants, and a jacket for long flights because I did not have the thick socks meaning I spent the majority of the time scrunched up in the seat trying to keep them warm. The airline provides a blanket, pillow, and eye mask in the crappy attempt to make the flight more enjoyable however a cot would have improved things tenfold.

Two things that are the worst about sitting in the middle on an airplane is not being able to lean on something/having no space and having to always get past a person to use the restrooms or walk around. After my 4 and some hours of sleep I decided I needed to clean up, leading to my next problem. The girl I had to get past to get to the bathroom was dead asleep. From the moment the plane took off, she was sacked out and woke up just enough to change positions. After 15 minutes of waiting, I thought I had my moment to get past without disturbing her but I am never that lucky. Poor thing, out of nowhere she gets her foot stepped on and then fell on. Yes Murphy happens at 15,000 feet. Finally make it to the restroom and I am completely surprised to discover music playing. No laughing but the music ended up being Britney Spears’ song Toxic and due to lack of movement for 8 hours I decided this was as good of a time as any to do my favorite thing dance. After a song and a half of dancing, I got down to business taking care of my business. Brushing my teeth and washing my face never felt sooo good. Feeling 10 times better I headed back to my seat and to watch UP and Family Guy until breakfast was served.

Breakfast was some weird thing called french toast (which it totally was not) but out of shear hunger I ate the majority of the food on my tray. Thankfully I made friends with the girl next to the window seat that was from Colombia so I got plenty of sky pictures. We ended up sharing breakfast together (not that we could move away from each other if we wanted to) but having someone to talk to was really nice. Hint for travelers on long flights: move as much as you can, drink lots of water, and make friends. These three things will make the flight seem more pleasant and shorter. Touching down in Melbourne was extremely exciting because that meant I was truly in a foreign country for the first time. Next was another mad dash for my domestic flight to Adelaide where I had family waiting for me. Due to a medical problem in business class and being at the back of the plane, I had very little time to get through immigration, customs, and check in. Difficult part was collecting my bags because the carousels were poorly marked (made for 10 minutes of me running around in circles) and they changed the carousel number they originally said when the plane had landed. Once I showed customs that I only had candy, they let me through and I attempted the maze to get to the check in desk for my final flight.

When I got there, I immediately asked a lady who worked there if this was the check in for the flight to Adelaide. Before I could even begin to say that I needed to be on that plane in very soon, she rushed me to the front of the line. Murphy again! I am standing right at the front of the line and of course the conveyor belt conveniently stops working, therefore they have no way of getting checked luggage down to the plane. No joke, I about set down on the ground and said I’m not moving until my luggage gets checked. Kind of pointless now that I think about it but at the time I thought it was a brilliant idea. Shortening this up, a repair man saved the day and I could now go to security and then find my gate. At security, I started to take off my shoes to put them through the x-ray machine and the lady said “miss you don’t need to do that were not like the Yank’s you can leave your shoes on.” Don’t get me wrong, I know she wasn’t meaning that in a bad way but I was still taken aback by the fact that I had indirectly been called a Yank! I’ve never been called that before and the only time I heard it was when the Civil War was being discussed.

Short time later, I boarded the plane bound for Adelaide and 15 minutes into the flight I was practically sleeping sitting up. I slept almost that entire flight (hour, hour and a half) and I only woke up because I choked on my gum that I still had in my mouth. Talk about a rude awakening, I woke to myself choking and not really knowing why. I’m sure the lady one seat away from me thought I was crazy but I tried to play it off as a slight cough and I meant for it to happen that way. Moral of the story: Don’t fall asleep with gum in your mouth and if you feel the least bit sleepy get it out right away.

At last we landed in Adelaide and a short walk into the building there was my sister and her family waiting for me with smiles from ear to ear. My sisters’ new family all officially became my family too! We all went to collect my luggage then headed for the cars. Cars loaded up we headed for my sisters’ house in Gawler but I was warned to just breathe until I got used to the driving on the opposite side of the road. My sister handed me up some fresh fruit but I didn’t know whether to eat or breathe. It was quite scary at first especially with roundabouts but I dealt with the fear quietly until I was able to eat and then I just concentrated really hard on the food. I had been craving real food of real substance for 20 hours and that fruit was long overdue.

Finally at my sisters’ home, I got to play with my two nieces and eat even more real food. Unfortunately the latest I could stay up was 7:30pm, which was pretty good according to my sister. Sadly though, I can barely remember my first day in Australia. I only remember bits and pieces and there were pictures taken of me with my nieces but I can barely remember them being taken. Do yourself a favor, if you ever travel through multiple time zones then don’t expect too much of yourself the first 24 hours. You’ll be lucky just to be functional. This leads to my next blog about my first week in this beautiful country of Australia. Cheers!


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