Never coming home :)

16 Mar

So, I’ve decided I’m never leaving. Just so you know.

I haven’t updated my blog on my life in awhile! It’s been just break after vacation after getaway! (Why I would want to get away from Vienna, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have to if there weren’t so many other great cities to visit!) This weekend my friend Kaitlin and I decided to take a little day trip to a cute city called Hallstatt. This city is not to be confused with the German Hallstadt, as we soon figured out. We knew of Hallstatt only through pictures, and when we looked it up on GoogleMaps, it said it was in Germany! We were crushed! So after we decided Germany was too far, I decided to Wikipedia Hallstadt, and what does it tell me? “Not to be confused with Hallstatt,” right after the heading. So, I decide to click on this Hallstatt link, and I see the familiar pictures and see that it is in Austria! Not two seconds later, I hear my friend Breanna say, “Tia, are you looking for a Hallstatt, Austria? Because it exists. It’s right here.” Hahaha! So, Kaitlin and I decide we’re going to make a day of it and head to Hallstatt for the day! Let me just start off by saying, Hallstatt is the city that pops up when you type in “Austria” into Google Images. It’s that pretty. Unfortunately, we went during the off season (which wasn’t that unfortunate, because it was barren, which was actually very nice), so none of the shops or restaurants were open. We spent the entire day walking, frolicking, taking pictures, daydreaming, and just taking in the beauty that was surrounding us. This town is literally surrounded by the Alps and a beautiful lake, Hallstätter See. Kaitlin and I hardly had words while we were there, and even now I can’t describe the beauty. Just……amazing.

That’s why I’m never coming home.

In other news, classes are going well, teaching is going great, and I’m still loving life in Vienna! I just got back from teaching my kids about my family! I love it, because the kids hang onto every single word I have to say. They remember everything! (Except for my dad’s name…one boy, Can, pronounced Jahn, thought my dad’s name was Rizzo, which is my dog’s name! The class was very quick to correct him, and he was so embarrassed!) They love everything I have to say, no matter how boring it may seem to me!

My classes are going well…still trying to learn German (currently procrastinating for the homework 🙂 ), learning about Jewish history, Austrian women writers, and art. Art Analysis is definitely my hardest class. The class is taught by a tiny little Austrian woman who is probably in her eighties. I spent last Thursday giving a presentation on a Titian painting in front of my class, professor, and oh yeah, the curator of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. My professor spent the entire time apologizing to the curator, saying it was my first time and to forgive me. The terribly nice curator told me afterward I did a great job, and not to worry about it, because everything I said was correct. I don’t think the professor realizes that no one in the class knows anything about art! It was a very intimidating presentation, but I’m glad it’s over! Only a few more presentations like that to give!

I have a website now with pictures on it, for any who would like to see! It’s

This week is preparation for midterms! Wish me luck!


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