Tip of the Week

15 Mar

The tile maybe should be “Tip of the Month” or even “Tip of the Quarter”.

Background story: Grocery stores in Germany (I’m not sure about other part of Europe) don’t give out plastic bags for free like they do in the US. In here, you are expected to bring your own bags, whatever it is made of. If you don’t have one, the stores sell them, sometimes with different varieties in materials and prices.

Why I think this is important: Because you don’t want to spend 3 Euro every time you go to grocery stores.

My solution: In addition to the bags that you bring, also bring a backpack. It has saved my life ever since I went to shop, without even noticing it. I realized it earlier this week after I went to Aldi. I felt the same situation occurred and that made me think how important a backpack is for me.

Conclusion: Backpack might also be important for you!!


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