More than a clock, an eye and a Queen

15 Mar

This one’s for the classics. The original vintage. Mid 70’s England. THE rock ’n roll. Make your arguments for the origins, no doubt the parentage lies partly here. Detroit was a happening city, as LA and NYC have their reps also. But London. L-O-N-D-O-N. Paint on your jeans and let your hair go. Listen to vinyl. Carburated engines. E-mail, blogs, twitter, microwaves, and readily accessible fashion are twinkles in the sky. Forget it. The rock show was the place to be. No grand digital catalog of music. No focus groups were assembled before an album was made. The mind of English performers was switched on. The frequency discretely dialled. They had it and it changed our lives, directly or otherwise.

In homage, I am sharing a collection of videos. All British artists, all pre 1980. All venues within a 12 minute run from my front door. Take the time and listen to history, it’s much more than I can offer through my pedantic diatribes.

Young Ozzy

I pass Earl’s Court every day, it holds a new reverence

Keith Richards isn’t a skeleton!

Crazy Bowie

Not my favorite band, but undeniable classic


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