15 Mar

So after a short week between Spring Break and Italy it was off to Barcelona for this weekend. It was an afternoon bus to the airport, we thought the ride was only meant to be a half an hour but it ended up taking about an hour and a half so when we arrived at the airport it was 20 minutes until our gate was closing! We sprinted through the airport home alone style and just made it through check in and security to board our flight. The way to the airport had been an unpleasant sick ride, twisting and turning through neighborhoods and had made my roommate and I motion sick. So hoping on a plane right away was not the best thing to do. The plane right was a miserable 2 1/2 hours, then to follow another 1 1/2 bus ride into Barcelona! My roommate ended up getting sick on the bus to Barcelona so the plans of getting out on the town that night were slowly fading.

We got to Barcelona around 7 and my roommates parents have Hilton honors points and used them for us the have an ocean view of Barcelona! It was amazing. The most comfortable bed I have slept in since arriving and so nice to have coffee and tea complementary with a robe and slippers! So in spite of the long travels, it was well worth the wait. We got dressed for dinner and our roommate wasnt feeling any better so we had a late dinner at midnight at a great restaurant called Cheese Me. I had tortellini with with eggplant and caramelized onion, it was the best thing I have ever had! The tram ride to the restaurant hadnt helped my roommates nausea so we headed back to the hotel to get a good night sleep so we could spend the next day exploring.

In the morning we grabbed a bit to eat and headed to the marina to walk around, to sun was shinning but the skyline was hazy. We were all trying to be very careful because Barcelona as beautiful as the city is, is known for pick pocketing, esp. in busy areas. As we headed down the large market area on a street call La Rambla there were great authentic gifts and cool antique. Street performers everywhere entertaining, and people soaking up the sun, drinking sangria and having tapas. We ran into an AMAZING food market, it was the largest I have ever seen with the most selection of the ripest fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat (gross) everywhere. We all bought a package of fruit for a euro and it was the sweetest fruit, so delicious! We continued down La Rambla where there were tons of artists and paintings of the city.

Next we headed to Park Guell, inspired by the artist Gaudi. The architecture and color, as well as the structure of the paths in the park were stunning. The park sits high up on a hill, we walked about 500 steps to get to the top. They actually have an escalator if thats what you prefer. Next we saw the Chruch the Gaudi made, it is under construction  but with stunning heights and the coolest figures and structure. We were tired from a day of walking so we went back to the marina to have sangria and a light appetizer. After watching the sun set, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We had coffee and napped and then headed out at around 9:30 for dinner and then the bars. We went to a cool shot bar with a selection of over 200 shots for 2 euro, after spending a few hours there we ended our night sharing some sangria and then headed back to the hotel for a long day of travel back to London.

Two of my friends from home are now here for the week and I spent the day today walking around London with them. We saw changing of the guard, which had a massive amount of people, walked to Parliament, West Minister Abby, Covent Gardens, Lester Square, Trafalgar Square, and they finished the sunset on the London Eye. It is going to be a busy but great week, two papers and Internship applications due and then off to Greece for the weekend if all goes well. I hope so I am most excited about this trip!!!


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