Ski Trip!

11 Mar


So here is my adventure this weekend with my ski trip!

So we left on Friday and got into Radstadt or where our hostel was which was right next to the mountain. Just driving to Radstadt was awesome because there was so much beautiful scenery and mountain sides with little villages. Every other second everyone was like look out that window and then look out that one.

We got there at  5:30 and everyone got their rental equipment and then we had dinner. Dinner was pretty good. We had some rice and chicken and a great salad bar with some soup. Also on the way to Radstadt I felt like a little kid going to Disney world because I was so excited to finally snowboard. I had been waiting for this weekend the first time I knew I would be able to go on it and counting down the days.

That night everyone went to the pool and sauna which was really and nice and relaxing before our big day of skiing. The next day my room was the first one to breakfast – actually both days – and we filled up on sandwiches and cereal and then took food for lunch. Everyone got all of their stuff and passes and we went up the mountain on a Gondola lift.

I am not going to lie I was a little nervous about snowboarding because I had not been in so long but it was nice to know that I remembered how to do it when we down the run. There was a good base of snow and it was also snowing the whole first day so it made the runs a lot smoother. I was very surprised how quickly I got back into snowboarding and how it came back to me relatively quickly. This also happened with Brandon and a lot of other people. So another thing that was great that I do not know if I explained but Brandon ended up being able to stay in my room and eat all of the meals with our group and just pretty much hang out with me the whole time. It was great to catch up with him and have him there with me. I have to tell you though that by the end of the trip I felt that people liked him more than they liked me! He was a hit with everyone and I know he had a great time with everyone else.

So anyway we just stayed on that mountain the whole day and a group of 7 of us formed and we rode the whole rest of the day together. The next night was the same with some good food, pool, and sauna, and oh yea I forgot some good games of Mafia. It is a game you play with a group of people and it is too hard to explain over this blog. Radstadt though was not the only mountain we could go to. There were many other mountains that we could ride and one in particular people said had a lot of fresh powder. That night we planned to get up early and make sure we were the first ones to get on the bus to go to that mountain. This was also our last day of skiing so we wanted to make it worth it.

So when we got there this mountain (I forget the name) was a little more advanced then Radstadt so some of the people we were with the day before did not go on the same runs with us. By the end Brandon and I went alone because we wanted to go at our own pace and go down some more difficult runs but keep meeting up with people and did runs with them. Also some people did want to go through the trees as much as me and Brandon so they went on different runs. But anyway our favorite one was one where you had to take a two person chair lift to get to. While riding up the chairlift we saw a huge ravine that looked to be all fresh powder and some people that were going down it had powder up to their knees. Brandon and I then did that run twice and it was awesome. We both fell on the steep part the first time but it did not hurt at all cause the powder was like a pillow. We did more runs like this were we would go into the woods and then back onto the trails and back into the woods were the powder was. Don’t worry we were safe and made sure both of us were okay before we continued on.

Lets just say it reminded us of when we were in Colorado with Denny and going through the trees and moguls. So this day pretty much consisted of me and Brandon going from 9 until 3 non-stop skiing and eating our lunch on the lift just having an amazing time. At 3 we then had to stop to get onto the bus to drive back home. Overall the trip was amazing and probably the best weekend I have had here so far. I really want to go again but sadly it is pretty expensive so Brandon and I are going to plan a trip someone in the US for next Christmas break. Brandon then left sadly and is back in Maastrict right now and I have just been doing work every night because I have mid terms coming up in two weeks and presentations and papers to complete.

I am excited to go Rome and Florence with my mom and Brandon and that should as well be an amazing time. My teaching is going well also and I have actually created a lesson about the Oscars and the kids and teachers I work with seemed to really like it. Well time to get some work done. Oh but before I leave I have a funny story for everyone. So Brandon got to Vienna on Thursday night and I have German on Friday. I don’t know if you are thinking what I thought when I found out this scenario but it was time for him to act as me in my class! We had a test that day but after the test you are allowed to leave the classroom until everyone is done so I was done relatively quickly and I went outside. Brandon was just hanging out in the common area with my friends and we then switched shirts and I had my glasses on so I gave him them. The only problem was that two days before Brandon had to get stitches because he knocked heads with someone which he was playing soccer so he had this big white bandage over his left eye. We all then had to go back into the classroom and I had Brandon go instead of me. I then heard my professor talking to my brother and trying to take off the bandage cause she was so confused cause I did not have the bandage while I was taking the test. I then was walked in and said “excuse me” but in German and she just looked at me for and just had a blank stare on her face. I then said Das ist mine Zwilling or this is my brother. She then started to laugh and put her hands over her mouth and could not believe it and everyone was just cracking up. My brother then left the room after a little bit and everyone time she looked at me she laughed. It was a great time but anyway time for some work! Hope everyone is doing well!



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