That one Alp almost killed me!

10 Mar

This past weekend, IES hosted a trip to ski in the Austrian Alps! Boy, was I going on that trip! I’m not a great skier, but I had to go, if only to say I’ve skied in the Alps!

We went to a small town outside of Salzburg called Radstadt. The entire town was surrounded by the Alps, and was absolutely gorgeous! We left on Friday right after classes and took the 4 and a half hour bus ride to Radstadt. By the time we got there, the slopes were closed, so we went immediately to the ski rental and got boots, skis, and helmets. We took all of this back to the hostel, where we unloaded everything and then found our rooms! Our hostel was located about a five minute walk to the slopes (and ski rental place), so it was so easy getting there in the morning! The hostel even had a sauna, pool, and sports facilities! Our hostel room was great…we had six girls in a room and it was HUGE! We had three different rooms, so it seemed to be almost as big as our apartment! It was great!

The next morning we woke up around eight, got breakfast, and got ready to hit the slopes! While I am not the best skier, I have skied before. I was planning on taking a lesson, just to try to get better, but when I showed up, Tobi, one of the IES staff and leader of this particular trip, told me and my roommate, Elle, to get out of that group, because we had skied before! So we immediately head up to the top of the mountain with Kaja, another IES staff, and some other people who had skied before but weren’t very good. It was fun! I have to say, I was scared, because I had never gone on hills as tough as the ones in the Alps, but I survived!

That night, we were all sore and tired, so we just relaxed and went to the sauna! One of my friends was describing her first day EVER skiing, which apparently wasn’t a very good one! She managed to “get attacked by a chair lift,” “dominated by an Alp,” “ski down an Alp on her boots,” and because of that, was “never going to ski again.” Elle and I, while we thought it was hilarious, told her she should ski with us tomorrow and we would try to help her! While she resisted at first, she eventually gave in and we went out again the next morning with Alex in tow.

Let me just begin by saying, Elle and I are better teachers than we are skiers. We took Alex up to the top of the mountain and were going to try a hill that she had failed at the day before. She was sooo scared, but Elle and I promised we would go slowly for her and help her out. Apparently, no one yesterday had taught her how to ski, but just pushed her down the hill. Once she knew how to slow down and turn, she was a superstar! She would scream out “PIZZA RIGHT….PIZZA LEFT!!!” at every turn, which made Elle and I almost fall over from laughing! We got many stares on the hill, but who cares, right? She was better than Elle and I (to our dismay…) by the end of that hill! We then tried a new hill that we were all terrified of, but we made it down! We beat B5!

The trip overall was absolutely fantastic…I have a few more bruises and sore muscles than when I left, but they are all worth it!


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