Pisa, Spain, Malta.

9 Mar

Last week for spring break, six of my girlfriends and I went to Pisa, Barcelona, and Malta.

I liked Barcelona a lot but I did not love it. The city was a disagreeable mixture of modern and antique buildings, sculptures, and walkways. There was no rhythm to the city, and the buildings were anything but romantic. However, I did enjoy the whimsical buildings built by Gaudi. Gaudi is a world-renowned architect whose work is very prevalent in Barcelona. It can be seen everywhere from the Streets of Las Ramblas to on the hill of the highest mountain in Spain. The lines of his buildings are beautiful. The passion that Gaudi has is shown though every inch of his designs, and he does not neglect a single detail.

My favorite part of Barcelona was the Picasso Museum. Picasso has been my favorite artist since I was little. I used to get children’s books on him when I was little for Christmas, and I would stare at them for hours taking in the shape, color, and movement of his paintings.  I never thought I would have had the opportunity to see a whole museum dedicated to his works- but in Barcelona I did. The museum was astonishing.  There were several rooms  (about 10) that were each dedicated to a period of Picasso’s life. It was amazing to see his art in a sequential order. The development of his skill and different techniques was very interesting to see.

When in the hostel in Barcelona, I met Kevin and Neil. I actually ended up spending a lot of time with Kevin exploring Barcelona. He decided to book a ticket to Malta the next day.

Malta, a small island off the coast if Sicily, was our next destination. I think Malta was my favorite because it was the most relaxing. (Unlike Spain where it was customary to go out at 11 and stay out until at least 6. We even went to one bar that was open until noon the next day).  The island was beautiful it cannot be described in words how blue the sky and water were, so bright, like a picture that coulndn’t possibly be real.  It was weird because everyone spoke English- Besides the many Sicilians that came down for vacation. I forgot what it was like to be able to speak without thinking so much. As relaxing as Malta was I was ready to come home. I am the type of person that needs to be alone sometimes. Not always, but sometimes I just need time to gather my thoughts and just simply be by myself.

Though I had a great spring break, it feels really good to be back home to Florence, and tomorrow Kevin will be here which I am kind of excited for. It is funny how quickly Florence came to feel like my home- I am really glad that I chose to come here.


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