Guide to Florence.

9 Mar

So I was thinking that it might be useful to kind of make a guide to Florence, plus I am kind of not sure what else to write about.

Places to See in Florence:

1. Mercato Nuovo –  The smaller of the two leather markets. This is a great place for leather jackets, bags, wallets, scarves, etc. NEVER pay the price that they are asking. Always Barter. I bought a Leather bag for 90 euros that the venders were asking 150 for. Make sure that you rub the hog’s nose in the back of the market and put money in his mouth, if the coin falls into the grates below his mouth this means that you will come back to Florence (In between the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio)

2. San Lorenzo Market (Mercato Centrale)– A bigger version of Mercato Nuovo, with way more things to choose from and they have shoes too. “You dropped something…My heart.”  And  Ciao bella are something you will here a lot. Again, never buy things at their original price.(Via San Lorenzo)

3. Duomo area has great places to shop

4. Santa Croce: tons of leather everywhere, but go into the actual church- the art is amazing…

5. The School of Leather – Walk down the left side of Santa Croce and you’ll find it on your right. The store is down the path, in a small white building. You can watch the guys make leather bags, and on anything you buy get your initials stamped in gold. Say you are a student and you get a discount on everything!

6.  Street of 100 Shops – not really the name of it…just a name that I heard it referred to as…from Piazza Republico just keep walking straight.  You will eventually get to Via Matteoti.  Cross the street through the piazza with the section of the Florence wall still up and continue going straight.  This street has so many great shops of all kinds.

7.  Marcus – This belt shop is GREAT! You can buy custom made bets here.  You can pick out the belt as well as the buckle.  They have so many different options to choose from (Borgo San Lorenzo, 29 r) It is on the way to the San Lorenzo Leather Market.

8.  San Lorenzo Church- this is right next to the leather market under the huge martini sign. The church was built by Brunelleschi and has many Medici tombs inside.

9.Duomo (and all other churches) – climb to the top, go inside

10.Boboli Gardens and Pitti Palace – Gorgeous gardens to wander through in the spring, and the palace is cool to see too, because the Medici’s actually lived there and ruled over Florence. There is also a pathway that leads from Palazza Vecchio through the Uffizi to the Boboli Gardens.

10. Uffizi – if you like art, Botticelli and Michelangelo are here even if you don’t like art, in which case I don’t know why you chose Florence, still go.

11. The David – The real David is at the Academia, there is a fake one in Piazza Signoria and Piazza Michaelangelo.

5. Piazzale Michaelangelo – The most amazing view of Florence, ever.

6.  Fiesole– Area in one of the hills of Florence.  It is a little far, but definitely worth checkingout. Take the bus.

7. Fiorentina Soccer Game –The stadium is right by my house and it is crazy how loud the fans are! MAKE SURE TO WEAR PURPLE!

8.  Ponte Vecchio – Major bridge that goes across the Arno River.  The whole entire bridge is filled with really expensive jewelry shops!  If you are looking to cross the Ponte Vecchio go to the bridge to your right.  An interesting fact- this is one of the only bridges in italy that survived WWII, Hitler ordered that both sides be bombed so that no one was able to cross and the bridge still remained. Another fact: the Ponte Vecchio used to be filled with fish markets, but Cosmo Medici had to pass through the bridge everyday to get from his home to the city and changed it to jewelry shops so he would not have to see or smell the dead fish.

9.  Museo dell’Opera del Duomo – Museum right behind the Duomo.  It has one of Michelangelo’s Pieta’s in it and also the original Ghiberti doors. Also, statues by Donatello. Many of the things that you see around Florence are the copies, and originals are held indoors at museums.

10.  Orsanmichelle– A building made to celebrate the trades, there are many statues outside of it commissioned by different guilds. Ghiberti and Donatello are amongst the artists.


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