Brandon is here!

5 Mar


So i have some excited new for I guess myself but I think everyone else can be a little excited. My brother Brandon got into to Vienna. He is studying Maastricht, Netherlands.  It is a city that is in between Germany and Belgium. He came though because my program has a ski trip planned for this weekend that I am very excited for. We are going to a mountain at Radstadt, which near Saltzburg in Vienna. After my German test tomorrow we are leaving and will be in Radstadt around 6. We are then getting our equipment and hanging out for the night. We then ski the next two days and get back into Vienna around 10 on Sunday. It should be awesome trip and I will have a lot to tell everyone once I get back. It will be the first time I ski in 2 years because of Track so I am very excited to get back on the slopes! This is what I have been looking forward to since I got here.

But now for a little that has been going on with my life. This past weekend my friend from Prague came and brought 7 of her friends. They got in Friday and stayed till Sunday. It was great seeing a familiar face and also catching up with her. She is also having a great time as everyone else I know is. If anyone is reading this and deciding whether or not they study abroad I would say a definite yes! It is amazing. But anyway on Saturday we showed them around Vienna and they loved it. We went to all of the beautiful buildings and places around Vienna. It was a beautiful day and a great time. That reminds me of another story. Last Thursday it was so nice out I got to run without my shirt on! I even sweat while I was running but for some reason people here still had their winter coats and scarves on still. So anyway I got a lot of weird looks and yells from girls and guys alike. I guess a lot of people don’t run without their shirts on here. It was just a funny experience.

So overall everything is going awesome and Brandon really likes Vienna so far. We are going to just hang out tonight so he can meet all of friends and have a relaxed night. Sorry for the shorter post but Brandon and I are going to Skype with my mom now! Talk to you all soon and I will tell about my ski trip next week.




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