Off to Italy

2 Mar

Off to Italy for the week. Leaving tonight at 2:45am on a bus to the airport, flight leaves at 6am for Rome. Rome for a few days, then Florence, Cinque Terre, the beautiful coast, and flying out of milan!

This week was a whirlwind of preparing for this week, finishing assignments for classes and a week of interning.  I find myself thinking and talking about the weather more and more each day, the topic of conversation, each morning introduction and evening goodbye includes a hello, weathers nice today or goodbye hope the weather is nice tomorrow. The weather was not the best this week, rained most days but the temperature is finally starting to warm up. It is a taste of spring that I am so eager to come around.

In looking at the brief blue skies on the sunny days it will be stunning to see what is to come. This week was Fashion week in london, it was amazing to see all the people in the city, fashionable and beautifully dressed. We had a visit for my Art History class at the same venue as the Catwalk, inside the museum was some of the most amazing painting and etches by famous artist such as Monet, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and so many others. Outside in the courtyard was a different type of art, the paparazzi outside was preparing for the models and admirers of next years season.

Next week will be long and have tons of fun stories!


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