Host Stay

2 Mar

 This past weekend I had an absoulutly amazing experiance on a homestay. I signed up through a program that IES Abroad reccomended, called HOST UK. I was sketpical a bit before going, a weekend away from London staying in a strangers house wasn’t the first thing on my list to do list while abroad. However i am glad i took my advisor’s advice when she said its one of the greatest, eye opening experiances a student can have.

It was very easy to sign up, and all i had to pay for where my traveling costs (train ticket). Within a few days of submitting an application i was assigned to a family in Cornwall, the very south western tip of England. I filled out a form with my interests and they matched me perfectly as i said i enjoy cooking, any outdoor activity, and i would like to go to a seaside area. I was placed with an older couple, Joyce and Roy Lee who used to own a bed and breakfast over looking the ocean. They were really interesting, had lots of stories about travlers they have met over the years, and lengends about thier town. Thier eagerness to show me thier way of life was amazing, they really made me feel welcome. It was interesting to see how the rest of Britian lives, and not just the way things are in a huge international city like London.

They cooked wonderful, traditional home cooked meals for me such as steak and kidney pie, and curry. Brought me to thier son- in-law’s 52nd birthday party, which was quite fun, and showed me every beach, cove, light house, historical site within 30 miles of thier home.

In doing the host program i feel as if i have made a life long friend in England other than my schoolmates, and i really got a feel for British life in the country. If you are looking into study abroad definately check out the HOST program in that country!


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  1. Michael March 25, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    Good for you!

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