Night Life on South Caicos

23 Feb

Living on an island with 1500 inhabitants for 3 months means there’s not much to do on the weekends or when we have down time, though sitting outside and enjoying the view certainly helps. There are no movie theatres or malls, and all of the restaurants I’ve seen so far have been in bars. Luckily, the bars here are a lot of fun, and let us blow off some steam when we aren’t trying to memorize the difference between a fish with blue stripes and yellow fins and one with blue stripes and orange fins.

The four bars on the island can be broken down like this: 2 are pretty awesome and are great for getting to know the locals and sitting down for a game of dominoes, 1 reminds me of a place where old men would meet to complain about their wives, and the last one is the type of place I would only feel ok at during the day, because I’m just not comfortable with a bunch of shady guys standing around staring at all of the girls that come in with us. Almost everyone we’ve met so far at the bar scene has been nothing but welcoming, but the staff have warned us numerous times that some of the local men can’t be trusted, and even gave us a talk about some of the strategies used by belongers to pick up an American girlfriend, which is a huge status symbol down here.

The two bars that are a great place to relax are Daryll’s, which has a small bar inside and a big open porch out front for dominos. I’ve also been able to watch some of the Purdue basketball games in there, so that puts it at the top of my list. Unfortunately I also watched the Colts throw away a Super Bowl in there. Not a good night (where was Peyton throwing that?). The other is the Chicken Bar, which has a smaller outside area but has some pretty kickass chicken, smothered in barbeque and grilled to perfection. Unfortunately, one of the rules down here is that the staff and the students can’t be at the same bar, and one of the staff members usually beats us to the Chicken Bar, so we are sort of/kind of banned from that place. There has been talk of sending out a scout a couple hours in advance in order to hold down the fort, but we have yet to put this plan in motion.

Trenchtown is the bar right outside our doorstep, but it’s also the bar where I could see myself playing poker with chain smoking older men for 3 hours. It’s a good place to go for a quick drink if you just want to get out of the center for 30 or so minutes, but not really ideal for hanging out on the weekends. Ballerz is the club on the island, but most of us didn’t really get a great vibe from the place when we went there last weekend. As soon as you walk in there’s a dance floor with a bar to the right, but when we were there no one was dancing. A lot of the more “forward” guys on the island tend to hang out there, so everyone has to be a little more alert while we’re there.

The options are pretty limited here on the weekends, but some of the bars, Daryll’s and the Chicken Bar in particular, are great places to hang out and vent about the staff, homework, etc… It’s a pretty great way to get to know some of the locals and the other students during the first couple of weeks when everyone is a little unsure of themselves (see: homesick)

That’s all for now. On a side note, the basketball team has been looking pretty awesome the past couple of weeks! Hopefully they’ll make the Final Four, though I’ll be slightly let down I won’t be in Indy for that. Boiler up!


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