Germany Part Two and this week so far!

23 Feb

So I am sorry I did not get another chance to post last week but my life got a little crazy but I have some time now to update you to what is going today.  Back to the Germany trip first though.

So the next day I had breakfast as always and then we had a little time to relax.  Then around 1 we had to meet because we were all going to the Jewish Museum. When we got there we were split up into three groups. After the tour everyone was talking about how they had the best tour guide but I think my group definitely did. The Jewish Museum is actually two buildings, the first one being where you get your tickets, put your coats away, and where special exhibits are.  We were only in there for a little bit because our tour guide just showed us the model of the two buildings and the history behind the building. It was very interesting because this building was not originally supposed to be the Jewish Museum.  It was created as a museum because the west side did not have a Natural History museum. A contest was then created to see who would design the building. A man that I forgot the name of, won the contest and then decided to design the building so it would be a remembrance and also a learning tool about the Jews.  The museum does not have a lot of Holocaust artifacts and pictures like you would expect. It instead has the history of the Jewish people and the many things they gave back to society.  One of the things that interested me was the shape of the building. It is in the shape of a zig-zag and it is interesting because if you look at it from straight on all you see is a straight line. There were many trying and also triumphant times in Jewish history but one thing that has never faulted is the Jewish faith and that no matter what they will always be around. In addition, there was a room created that was in the shape of a trapezoid. It has ceilings as high as three stories and when you walked in on one of points where two walls met at the top a little ray of light shinned through.  This was suppose to depict a story of a female that survived the Holocaust. She was in one of the trains on the way to a concentration camp and in the midst of all of the confusion and large amounts of people in the trains there was a little ray of light that shinned through one of the walls. This gave her the faith to survive the camp and it was surreal too in a way to feel the darkness and loneliness that those people felt.  The stories and things our tour guide told us was what I felt was amazing and what he made us think about. The rest of the museum depicted the history of the Jewish people and it was interesting.

The next day I went with some of my friends and we made some chocolate bars. What you do is you pick out the ingredients that you want to go into your chocolate bar and mix that with milk chocolate or dark chocolate and you wait a half an hour for the chocolate to cool. When it was finally done it was really good. In mine I had sprinkles, marshmallows, and caramelized almonds.  It was really good and each person shared some of this concoction so it was a lot of fun tasting all of the different kinds.  That night we went to an Opera as a group of what I would call more of a concert. I do not know what was played but if you asked some of my friends they would definitely know. I am trying to figure out all of the wordings for music and I am getting better. They concert was very good although before the song was over most of the group was put to sleep for about 5 mintues because the music was soothing. Then after intermission a man read a story in German and a woman sang her side of the story. It was beautiful and interesting to see something new.

The next day was our free day and I just hung out in the morning and went shopping. I did not get anything but my friend needed shoes and some other things. Oh I almost forgot. I think a day earlier I went to the Humana with two of my friends. That is what they call Good Will in Germany and Austria. This Humana is 5 stories high so I was really excited to go. I got to the mens floor and was looking at some winter jackets. I found a Onesie winter coat that is Purple with some colored stripes on the shoulders and down the legs. I almost did not get it but my friends convinced me to get it. It is hilarious and it kept me warm for the soccer game I will tell you about soon. So then after shopping I just hung out until after dinner when there 4 museums that were free entry that night from 6 to 9.  I ended up going to the Alte Nationalgalerie which had Nineteenth-Century Paintings and Sculptures and also the Altes Museum that had an Egyptian and Papyrus Collection. Both of the museums were great and I saw many great works of art.

The next day we had our soccer game which was a game of Berlin against another team. I forgot what the other team was called. Before the game I got this awesome Berlin scarf and this is sadly my first souvenir besides post cards so I have to work on that. This game was a lot of fun and we were sitting right behind where the huge fan section sites. They a lot of great chants and were always jumping up and down and standing. The game ended in a one – one tie but it was still a lot of fun and I wore my onesie ski jacket and got several looks haha.  That night we had our last dinner together which was sad but really good. Then on Sunday we had an 8 hour bus ride and got back into Vienna late on Sunday night. It was really weird because I was so happy to be back in Vienna. It really felt like I was home in a way. Like I said earlier each day Vienna is feeling more and more like a home and I am getting more and more comfortable living here.

So now for this week. I have now been in classes the past two weeks. I am taking German, Austrian Art and Architecture, International Marketing, European Economics, and my teaching internship. So far I enjoy all of classes and I think I will learn a lot. It is really interesting to hear about Europe when it comes to business because in most of my classes back at home they mostly talk about the USA. I also got placed with a school for my teaching internship. It is in the center of the city which is really nice and I will be teaching 10 years olds, 14 year olds and also 17-18 year olds. On monday I taught the 10 year olds and it was actually a lot of fun. It was interesting to hear that they do many of the same things that we do in America. I will go into the differences when I have more time though. I just introduced myself  and told everyone about myself and where I came from. They seemed pretty interested and I am excited to keep working with them. I will be seeing the 14 year olds tomorrow morning which will be a lot of fun and do more or less the same thing. I am very excited for the next weeks to come because one of my friends from Prague will be visiting me and I will be going on a ski trip the week after. More info about time next week! Hope everyone is doing well and if you have any questions please ask them and will be happy to answer them!



2 Responses to “Germany Part Two and this week so far!”

  1. nick arensmann February 24, 2010 at 7:22 pm #

    Was the club you watched bayern munich? I know they beat some italian club over the weekend. Chants and savage soccer watching? sounds right up my alley…

  2. nick arensmann February 24, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    and by bayern munich i meant hertha bsc berlin… lol

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